Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Hispanic Halloween Party!

Hola Familia Mia.

Those are some good pictures. I dont know how well that shed is going to hold though if Blake and Brooks are making it, and Sarah you look good for an interview or somethin. No you guys look good, those are good pictures.

Well this was a good past week. We went down to Delaware and Maryland and it was a great trip. We had Zone Training in Dover DE and there they have a race track for Nascar. We had to pick up some Elders from the Pepboys in front of the track but we got there early. So we had some free time and walked over to the track and it was amazing. It was huge and the track is steep. I was a foot away from touching the track so it was pretty cool. Then afterwards we went down to Salisbury Maryland and had an exchange with the Elders down there. It was really good and we learned a lot together about how to teach in unity. Elder Bateman and I, one of my former companions, taught this lady and it was awesome. So good things learned and we had a good time too so it was a success. Then driving back I was able to see some combines cutting the soybeans and all the pretty trees. It was really cool and the trees were better in Delaware than Pennsylvannia, I took some pictures so dont worry mom. But it was really cool being down there and being with members that were white and from the country. You could see the difference in the people and it was clear to see that the people from the country are a lot better than those from the city.

Also for Halloween we had a great party in the church that the ward did and it was a great hispanic party. The music and dancing and costumes were pretty neat and it made me realize how great these members are here in the ward and how they care for you. Halloween wasnt crazy at all though, there werent that many people out yesterday.

This is the last week of the transfer and I will be staying here in Philly again so dont worry about changed address or anything. We had an exchange with the Assistants on Saturday and they let us know what was going to be happening. So things are going really good in the mission right now and we are helping out our ward grow. Yesterday we had a great lesson in church by our Bishop and he talked about the Plan of Salvation and how we have the great responsability to do the Temple work for those members of our families that have past away without the Gospel. Also how we need to do Geneology for our families to tie us all back to our first parents Adam and Eve. So things are going really good and we have another busy week with a leadership training tomorrow and Wednesday in Broomall and then exchanges in Camden and Lindenwold. Thanks for your support and tell Grandma and Grandpa Wilson thanks for the cookies and also Don and Lisa for the candy. You guys are awesome, keep it up. Les quiero mucho.

El Amor


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