Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HURRAY! A New Companion!

Hola Nielsons,

Well all is well, all is well. I am still here in North Philly with the same address and everything, but my companion is Elder Morrison from Shelley Idaho and he's the man. He is a really good missionary and good with spanish so it will be a good transfer. The only difference is that he likes video games a lot and I dont. But we get along really well and have known each other for awhile now. I have to say though that my last companion was the hardest one I've had in my mission so far and I survived without killing him.

Yesterday was awesome because we had a good time at church and then we went to this special fireside by Elder D. Todd Christofferson where he talked to the Philadelphia Stake. But before the meeting I was going to kill my companion and this other Elder who's Mexican because they were making all these comments to me, acting like I was some idiot from Idaho who had a 4th grade education. So I was about ready to kill the Mexican Elder and then we get to the meeting, we had to take them to the meeting, and we get to the meeting and I see my good buddy Elder Stroshine and we talked and made each other smile and it made me forget about all that stuff that was going on in my head. So basically I am grateful for good friends that are good people and help you out when you need a smile. But the meeting with Elder Christofferson was awesome. He had a great talk about serving others and preparing our homes and families for the Temple coming next year. It was really sweet and I learned a lot. Then afterwards I was able to go up and shake his hand, havent washed it since. Not really, but it was really cool to be there with an Apostle of the Lord. He really is called of God and the Spirit was very strong at the start of the meeting because I was searching for answers to my questions. It was a really great Sunday though and I felt like giving everyone a hug afterwards.

Then today we had our meeting this morning in Broomall and I got my new companion, but also we will be training an Elder this transfer. So we pick up our "Golden" on Wednesday and my companion will be the official trainer. Things are going great and this is going to be a good week. We are still "Language Trainers" or zone leaders for the spanish, except for we dont have a zone, but we wont be doing as many exchanges this transfer so that will be good. Next week Elder Ellis from the 70 comes to do a mission tour and then before we know it its Christmas Zone Conference. Time is flying and you guys look like youre doing good. You guys need to keep practicing on skiing so that you wont get beat so bad through the powder by "the norman." Tell Curtis that I'm a little ticked off right now that he is doing that. He better do the wedding after I get home. Have a good week, el amor de fily.


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