Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camden NJ and West Chester PA

sounds like you guys are doing pretty good. thats awesome Josh A is getting married and thankfully he planned it after i get home so i can go. but this has been an awesome week with a lot of action. I was in Camden NJ on an exchange with the DL over there and it was a great time. Hes a great Elder and we were able to get a lot accomplished. Camden is rough though and i wouldnt advise people living there. we saw one guy crash his four wheeler into the side of a brick house and then him laying on the ground with blood coming down his face. we were talking to some people and then we saw the guy come around the corner and take it too sharp and heard a boom. people ran over and we went over too. they just put a towel around his head and ran him into the house. then his buddies hurried and pushed the fourwheeler away so the cops wouldnt take it. it was all cleared out in about 5 minutes though so it was crazy.

then we had a great sunday and had a meeting with President about what we're going to do with the Zone. they were thinking about dissolving the spanish zone becuase everyone is so spread out but we decided to keep it and add the companionships from Cherry Hill. so this next transfer witll be great.

then on monday i was in West Chester Pennsylvania and i got to drive on a dirt road through fields for the first time in forever. it was a good time and i soaked it in for a little bit. but we had a good exchange and we taught an english family that were recent converts because in this area they teach both spanish and english. but it was really weird being with white people and teaching them. since we've been back here in philly we've been helping out a member who lost her husband Sunday and doing stuff for the funeral that was yesterday.

we had a great day yesterday where we taught 10 lessons and 8 of them were member presents. we went on splits from 6 to 9 and had lessons double booked so it was great. the family that we are teaching we saw yesterday and we talked about the law of chastity and word of wisdom. they had no problem with it and now we have plans to have the wedding the 21 and the baptism the 22 so things are looking good. it was a good busy night with a lot of commitments and teaching.

For me personally things are going really good and i dont have any complaints. I have really enjoyed my personal study in the morning with the Book of Mormon and this has really helped me to start my dad off running. I had some struggles earlier with my companion but now things are good and it doesnt bother me anymore. it was hard for me to accept the fact that i was a junior companion almost and everytime i suggested something or wanted to do something, he would disagree or we'd do the opposite. but things are good and even though we have different opinions on a lot of stuff, we are able to compromise. have a good week and take care.



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trees, Hills, Tractors and Cows

hola cuates.

this has been a fast week and an awesome week full of work. we had a great sunday and were able to get a lot of investigators to church. then on monday we went to my old home of south philly and went to the District Meeting there. it was good to talk to the elders who are there right now and help them out in person and not over the phone.

then after the meeting we drove to Allentown PA and had an exchange with Elder Lake and Elder Perez. it was awesome and i had a great time. Elder Lake and I have got some plans together after the mission but we had a great time working together for the first time. we were put in the path of a lady who was crying because her kids didnt love her, we taught her and gave her the Book of Mormon. then we taught talked to a lot a people and played with a turtle while talking to the lady. we taught one guy and extended a baptismal date which was awesome. it was great to see how important our questions are and how the Spirit is the teacher. but the best part of the exchange was being able to see trees and hills and tractors and cows for the first time in about 8 months. also i got to drive for the first time so that was great. then yesterday we had an exchange with the APs and it was good. so things are going good and time is flying by.

on tuesday we went on splits and while i was with the member we were talking to this guy on his steps and then he got distracted by some kids yelling at the end of the block. there were two girls fighting and a bunch of kids around them. the guy we were talking to just ignored us and then took off to watch the fight. it was rediculous to see the people look like animals. the two girls were locked onto each others hair and then pulling and it looked like two deer buttin heads. it was messed up to see the people cheering and everyone howling around them like hyenas. the member and i just turned around and walked the other way and went and taught this mexican guy whos pentecostal. it was a very frustrating lesson because he wouldnt let us talk or answer his questions so we made it quick and got out of there.

We're teaching a family though who have a baptismal date and they are awesome. theyre from puerto rico and love the Book of Mormon and the Church. they told us last time they want to go to the Temple with the ward trip. so maybe in a year from now ill be back here with them going to the Temple. thanks for your support though and your love. you guys are great and are doing awesome. you should send me a picture so i can compare how you guys have grown in one year. have a good week. con el amor de fily


1315 W Allegheny Ave 2nd Fl Philadelphia PA 19132

Friday, July 16, 2010

Awesome Lesson with a Family

Helo, como tu estas?

Well this has been a very fast and good week. we had interviews on tuesday with President Schafermeyer and it was pretty good. He is a good guy and really focused on us strengthening our testimonies and relationships with God. We talked about some changes that are going to happen in the zone and then he just asked about who i was and what i like to do. It was a good interview and i got to brag about my family so it was good.

This past week has been good though with teaching people. we found a family last week from a member and on Sunday the mom came to church. then on tuesday we saw them and it was an awesome lesson. they are from Puerto Rico and have this light in their eyes that they know it is true. they told us that after we left their house the last week when we taught them, that they felt this peace and feeling that they knew was from us. So on tuesday when we saw them they were so happy to see us and told us all the things they learned from reading Enos in the Book of Mormon and all these other questions they had. it was a great lesson and they asked us about marriage and how they know they are living in sin without being married. the dad then told us that they want to do this and they want to change their way of life. it was really cool. so they are doing pretty good and we're going to see them tonight.

Being a Zone Leader is pretty fun. The only difference is you dont have to prepare District Meetings each week for monday and you are always talking to the District Leaders. Each night we talk with 2 or 3 and see how things are going so its been great to get to know the other Elders more personally and gain thier trust. one of the Elders asked me how he could maintain his weight because he was afraid of losing more so that kind of hit me as a moment where i had gained the trust of him.

One of our District Leaders is from Blackfoot, Idaho and he is my best buddy here in the mission. hes a farm boy and his dad has about 15000 head of beef that they feed and sell. We are planning on rooming together at Utah State when we get back. but its great being out here with some of these guys that i would never have met or been friends with before. The mission really helps you change and learn about yourself. you guys are awesome and have a good week.

tranquilo, con amor.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Allegheny and Azero


well i have bad news, i moved areas again and im still in the city. the good news is that i only moved about 4 blocks away and still can get your letter this week. But i got transfered to the Allegheny and above area that is still part of the same ward in North philly. And also i am the Zone Leader in the Si Se Puede Zone. so this is going to be a busy next couple of months and im pretty excited/nervous/clueless about what is going to happen.

the area is great and we have a lot of member involvement, mostly becuase we have a car (2010 toyota corolla), but the people are a lot more independant and not so handicapped with transportation limits or other problems. but my companino is Elder Azero from Spanish Fork, UT, originally from Bolivia. Hes been out one transfer longer than me and is a great missionary. this is going to be an interesting companionship that i am giong to have to really open my horizons and love. we get along great but its just we have a ton of differences in almost everything. but hes a great guy and knows how to plan really well. i dont know my address to our new apartment but you can send stuff to the old address on Cumberland and ill still get it easy.

you need to tell Kim and Dave that i love them and thank you for the package. also tell dave that i dont think im going to have any time to go hunting this fall but ill be ready the next year.

The past week though has been great and we are beginning to experience the changes in the mission with President Schafermeyer. We still dont know a lot about whats going to happen but we will find out tomorrow at a District leader training meeting. for the fourth of july we were going to go to the museum of Art to watch the Goo Goo Dolls and fireworks but decided not to. we had permission to stay outside and watch till 1030 so Elder Bunker and I went to Broad ST and watched some people light off fireworks.

we have had a good week though with teaching and finding new people. its amazing the difference with a companion who is hispanic and the way people react to you. With all the companions ive had that are not white, we have had more success contacting people and them accepting us. with Elder Azero we talk to people and everyone is so nice and so accepting to us because they know we arent the police or we arent rich white guys trying to get people to come to our church. Things are going great though and this is going to be a great transfer. the only thing is hispanics arent the greatest drivers and my neck has gotten used to the jerking of the car. but you guys are great and have a good week.



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Letter from Chase Arrived on Tuesday

Sorry I couldn't write you on the email. I had to wait 40 minutes to get a computer so I just took a computer with only 15 minutes on it and wrote to President and then printed you letter out and read the other ones. But those pictures look great and you guys really had an adventure. The coolest one was the picture of Brooks towering over Sarah and Blake.

This past week was great. We had a great Sunday with a learning experience of going to Catholic Prayer Session in Spanish. It was really interesting. Then on Tuesday we had our meeting with President Schafermeyer and Sister Schafermeyer. It was an interesting meeting and they are really focused. I'll tell you about them later but they are completely different from the Murray's. President. Sch. tried to make us feel like we were little unlearned missionaries by asking us all these deep doctrine, memorizing scripture questions so I didn't like that but it was ok. I'm really excited to learn from them though. It's going to be an interesting 2nd year and this next transfer is going to be crazy with changes and New Jersey becoming part of the mission. I could be in Atlantic City next week so we'll see what happens.

We have had some great lessons with investigators. One Mexican family is progressing little by little and we had a great lesson with them on Monday where we taught the Restoration but only part of it because we're teaching the children too and they have short attention spans. But we are excited to see what happens with some of the new people we have and the member involvement in increasing.

This morning we got up early and took the train down to Center City. We then ran to the Art Museum and climbed the ROCKY STEPS. It was pretty cool and I took pictures so you can see how much I look like Rocky. But I was amazed at how many people were there at 6 am running and working out. They had a fitness class there with personal trainers. It was fun though and today we'll probably be going to New Jersey because it's now part of the mission. Just to check it out and cross the bridge.

But thanks for the support and have a good week.