Thursday, July 8, 2010

Allegheny and Azero


well i have bad news, i moved areas again and im still in the city. the good news is that i only moved about 4 blocks away and still can get your letter this week. But i got transfered to the Allegheny and above area that is still part of the same ward in North philly. And also i am the Zone Leader in the Si Se Puede Zone. so this is going to be a busy next couple of months and im pretty excited/nervous/clueless about what is going to happen.

the area is great and we have a lot of member involvement, mostly becuase we have a car (2010 toyota corolla), but the people are a lot more independant and not so handicapped with transportation limits or other problems. but my companino is Elder Azero from Spanish Fork, UT, originally from Bolivia. Hes been out one transfer longer than me and is a great missionary. this is going to be an interesting companionship that i am giong to have to really open my horizons and love. we get along great but its just we have a ton of differences in almost everything. but hes a great guy and knows how to plan really well. i dont know my address to our new apartment but you can send stuff to the old address on Cumberland and ill still get it easy.

you need to tell Kim and Dave that i love them and thank you for the package. also tell dave that i dont think im going to have any time to go hunting this fall but ill be ready the next year.

The past week though has been great and we are beginning to experience the changes in the mission with President Schafermeyer. We still dont know a lot about whats going to happen but we will find out tomorrow at a District leader training meeting. for the fourth of july we were going to go to the museum of Art to watch the Goo Goo Dolls and fireworks but decided not to. we had permission to stay outside and watch till 1030 so Elder Bunker and I went to Broad ST and watched some people light off fireworks.

we have had a good week though with teaching and finding new people. its amazing the difference with a companion who is hispanic and the way people react to you. With all the companions ive had that are not white, we have had more success contacting people and them accepting us. with Elder Azero we talk to people and everyone is so nice and so accepting to us because they know we arent the police or we arent rich white guys trying to get people to come to our church. Things are going great though and this is going to be a great transfer. the only thing is hispanics arent the greatest drivers and my neck has gotten used to the jerking of the car. but you guys are great and have a good week.



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