Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camden NJ and West Chester PA

sounds like you guys are doing pretty good. thats awesome Josh A is getting married and thankfully he planned it after i get home so i can go. but this has been an awesome week with a lot of action. I was in Camden NJ on an exchange with the DL over there and it was a great time. Hes a great Elder and we were able to get a lot accomplished. Camden is rough though and i wouldnt advise people living there. we saw one guy crash his four wheeler into the side of a brick house and then him laying on the ground with blood coming down his face. we were talking to some people and then we saw the guy come around the corner and take it too sharp and heard a boom. people ran over and we went over too. they just put a towel around his head and ran him into the house. then his buddies hurried and pushed the fourwheeler away so the cops wouldnt take it. it was all cleared out in about 5 minutes though so it was crazy.

then we had a great sunday and had a meeting with President about what we're going to do with the Zone. they were thinking about dissolving the spanish zone becuase everyone is so spread out but we decided to keep it and add the companionships from Cherry Hill. so this next transfer witll be great.

then on monday i was in West Chester Pennsylvania and i got to drive on a dirt road through fields for the first time in forever. it was a good time and i soaked it in for a little bit. but we had a good exchange and we taught an english family that were recent converts because in this area they teach both spanish and english. but it was really weird being with white people and teaching them. since we've been back here in philly we've been helping out a member who lost her husband Sunday and doing stuff for the funeral that was yesterday.

we had a great day yesterday where we taught 10 lessons and 8 of them were member presents. we went on splits from 6 to 9 and had lessons double booked so it was great. the family that we are teaching we saw yesterday and we talked about the law of chastity and word of wisdom. they had no problem with it and now we have plans to have the wedding the 21 and the baptism the 22 so things are looking good. it was a good busy night with a lot of commitments and teaching.

For me personally things are going really good and i dont have any complaints. I have really enjoyed my personal study in the morning with the Book of Mormon and this has really helped me to start my dad off running. I had some struggles earlier with my companion but now things are good and it doesnt bother me anymore. it was hard for me to accept the fact that i was a junior companion almost and everytime i suggested something or wanted to do something, he would disagree or we'd do the opposite. but things are good and even though we have different opinions on a lot of stuff, we are able to compromise. have a good week and take care.



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