Thursday, August 5, 2010

Delaware-NASCAR/Maryland-Corn Fields


well sounds like you guys are doing good and workin a lot. thats cool brooks that you got your wisdom teeth out and blake i bet youre already a better driver of stick shift than Sarah.

well this has been an awesome past week and the fastest, seems like two days ago i was here writing you guys. but so the trip to maryland was awesome and i was able to go to a house that was surrounded by corn fields and sit on the porch and teach a less active and think about how i want to farm when i get back. delaware has a lot of agriculture by the way. but we drove through Dover and there they have the nascar track and it is huge. its right next to the road and is huge.

but then we had a great sunday and had a lot of investigators at church. but the biggest thing was monday we had zone training. its a meeting that the zone leaders train the zone on things for about 3 hours. so last week we planned a lot for it and monday was game day. i was a little nervous because President was going to be there and the new elders from new jersey so about 40 missionaries and everything in spanish. so the thing that helped me the most to just go and do it was thinking about you dad always telling me to not think about the game and just go and do it. so that was good, also to start the training i had everyone get in a circle and we all linked together and did kind of like a unity/football motivation talk with me in the center. it was pretty neat and helped us to get rid of the weird feelings between the two different missions.

so up til now we've been teaching a lot and yesterday i was on a split with a member from nicaragua for 4 hours while my companion went to a meeting in north philly with the stake president. we had to many lessons and wont be in our area for much time this week so we decided to do the split and it was great. we taught a hand full of people and i was able to learn about nicaragua.

thanks for the bread it was great. my companion had never heard of it before but he liked it. we are going to atlantic city this afternoon for an exchange so this is going to be fun, maybe stop by the boardwalk or win something, no not really. but things are going great and sounds like you guys are doing great. tell kendal and peggy adios for me and that they need to start learning spanish.

thanks for the email about the temple thats pretty cool, we learned that yesterday too. also here in philly the church is going to start putting billboards up on the trains and buses and on tv and radio and they are sweet advertisements. so they are preparing a lot for the Temple. also i saw a picture in the mission office on tuesday of what the Brigham City Temple is going to look like. it is going to be sweet, you should check it out on the temple website. but go to and check out the new advertisements they have. take care you guys and be safe with all that machinery blake.

love you guys. adios


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