Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New P-Day

hey que lo que? soy tu myjimbe.

So i forgot to tell you last thursday but things are changing. we now have p day on mondays and thursdays are our District Meetings and weekly planning. so things are going down right now in the mission. we have had an awesome time since thursday. ill just tell you about yesterday.

we had stake conference and it was in Spanish translation and english, but the speakers were great. President Schafermeyer and Sister Schafermeyer both gave good talks about missionary work and the need we have right now to prepare ourselves for the Temple. Then President and Sister Tingey, who are the Presidents of the Washington DC Temple, talked about the blessings of the Temple and how important it is that we go. It really hit me in the talk by Sister Tingey how she said we need to learn from the Temple and then put into practice those things in our homes. I was thinking about that and how I have always known about the Temple and can remember going to Temple Square when we were younger and watching the Legacy movie in the Joseph Smith Building or some place around there. We are so blessed to know these things and have this knowledge and joy in our lives. But it was a great Stake Conference and we had 5 investigators there so it was good.

Then in the afternoon we went on an exchange and I stayed here in Philly and my companions went to Reading to do a baptismal interview. The member I was with was interesting and it was a good learning experience for the both of us. After that exchange and my companions got back into town we went to the Elder's quorum Presidents house and it was a mess. His wife is in active and his teenage daughter is getting into bad stuff. So we talked about the Book of Mormon and answered their questions but after about 10 minutes it became an attack on each other and the husband and wife were basically coming to us for counseling. So we told them we cant be here and do this kind of stuff but we can teach you. So we got out of there and we're going to have to start teaching them from the basics now, the Stake President is coming with us too. It was a good lesson to learn of how important it is that we read the Book of Mormon as a family on a consistent basis and how we must always endure to the end.

So I hope you guys have a good week and have fun in the sun. Its pretty nice over here, some of the trees are already starting to turn colors so its been 70 80s the past two weeks. les quiero y espero que disfruten su ultima semana libre de responsabilidad. love you guys


oh i heard from a guy the other day that boise state is playing virginia tech, number 3 in the nation against number 5, over here in redskins stadium. thats pretty cool. i dont like this time of year as a missionary because you hear things about college football and you get excited but then you remember that you arent going to see any of it. do good in practice brooks and blake.

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