Thursday, August 12, 2010

Patience, People and Philly Love

hola amigos,

well sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun and doing a lot of stuff so thats good. this past week has been pretty good and flown by. we have been having to plan a lot of stuff for the end of transfers and also figure out where the elders are going and whether theyll have cars or not. so its been a big test of my patience because my companion likes to sit and ponder things and then gets thinking about things that dont even matter, all the while im sitting there waiting and trying to get this stuff done. I realized that i dont like being a leader in missionary work as much as i liked being a young missionary out trying to do the work and not worrying about training other missionarys or what we're going to do in the zone.

this week though has been great. we were in Reading on monday and all my sweet memories of Reading came back to me as we drove through town and saw places that were familiar. I was able to see a family that i re taught after their baptism and they were really excited to see me so that made me feel good. but they are going to the Temple this Saturday so that is awesome. Also we were able to see other members that i was good friends with and they were really excited to see me. one of them was hoping i would come back and play baseball with him again. it was great though to be in Reading and feel the joy and love of people from your hard work. it was really cool and i am grateful for the things i did in Reading.

Yesterday we went on splits and i was with my buddy Hno Morales from Puebla, Mexico. He is like my uncle and i look forward to being with him more than the investigators. we always have good talks and last night we were able to teach two people together and then talk about things in between lessons. he always asks about you guys and how you are doing and whats new in your lives. but we were able to have a good lesson with a guy that we just started teaching and the guy really wants to change his life and figure stuff out. his wife left him temporalily and he doesnt have much guidance so we were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and he loved it.

Things are going great though and we have an activity this saturday at the church, we're going to have an open house and all the ward members are bringing friends and stuff. Also an Elder from the 70 is coming to Philly saturday to talk to us so we'll see what happens. Also this morning when we went to the church to clean our car, the police were there becuase someone threw a brick at the window of the front doors to the church and shattered the glass, they didtn break in and steal any thing though so that was good. you guys are awesome have a great week.

philly love


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