Saturday, January 30, 2010

Didn't Punch Companion

well hello everyone,
i know you all thought i probably wouldve punched my companion or done something that was dumb, but i am glad to say that we both are still missionaries and have a good relationship. we had a great past week and President Murray really helped me with this obstacle i had. he told me to get rid of my pride and repent. so i have been trying to break down this wall in between my companion and i and we have really had some great studies lately and days.

We had a record number of people at church for the time ive been here of 25 so that was exciting. also we found some sweet investigators that are preparing to be baptized. one investigator we found we gave the book of mormon to and committed him to read it. when we came back and asked how his reading was he told us he was only able to read a little. he showed us the book and he had read 11 chapters. haha it was awesome we were really shocked and he is doing great right now. also we were able to find some long time less actives who have been endowed in the Temple but are less active because of word of wisdom and chastity problems. its pretty sad and they are very prideful but we are working with them.

my companion has been getting frustrated though with spanish because i tell him to go talk to people and he struggles through it and then another person and then another. in lessons its hard because ill have him teach two principles and then i have to teach the rest of it. also he doesnt understand very much either so its hard for him to answer their questions.

we havent had any crazy experiences lately, just really busy and having to call people constantly. i dont know how youre on the phone so much dad i hate it and its even worse because my companion doesnt speak much spanish so he cant talk to them. the only experiences that i have had are learning/spiritual experiences that were awesome. it is amazing when you study a talk or scriptures and you are so focused in on the pages that you forget where you are. i have learned a lot about myself and what i can do and what i need to do. we have talked in our trainings as DLs and ZLs about finding out who you really are? it has really been interesting to think about it and its hard because it is a never ending process. we learn little by little by keeping the commandments and praying with sincerety and hope to recieve this inspiration and know a little more and more.

But i hope you guys have a good week and have good attitudes. one thing that has helped me have a better attitude is writing in my planner or singing "Have I Done Any Good In The World Today?" but keep up the good work and brooks i got something to send you but it probably wont be sent til tomorrow or when we find time. but thanks for the letters and package, i havent opened em yet but thanks.
love yall.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hannah Montana

hey que chido no?

so i am still here in South philly. ill be here for awhile i think. still am the district leader but also i am training this transfer too. my companion is from Salt lake and hes a whole lot different than me. he likes to dance, basketball and football, real city boy, was a cheerleader in high school and at utah state for a year. he is mixed white and black so thats cool. hes a good guy though and has great motives. his spanish is really bad though so i am going to be speaking a lot of spanish this transfer. he sleeps with a hannah montana pillow case and blanket, and works out with his shirt off. so i am a little worried but nothing has happened yet.

but this week i am really going to have to learn to love and have charity and patience. this is probably going to be the hardest transfer of my mission i think but we'll see. We get along good and its been a good 2 days. this past week was awesome though. we had 22 people at church and a couple investigators so that was aweosme. also we made great strides with some investigators and less actives so things are going great. on monday and tuesday i was with an older elder who im good friends with and hes from argentina but lives in utah, but we had a great two days and i learned a lot from him.

i wish i could show you a video of my mind of all the things that i have learned this past week. read some great talks and scriptures in my personal study. it is awesome when you are teaching an investigator and they ask you a question and you read that chapter that morning in personal study. you whip out the book and teach them, clear their doubt and move on. its really cool how the Spirit brings back to rememberance those things you have learned. But if you would like you could read "Jesus: The Perfect Leader" by President Kimball 1977 it is an awesome talk about leadership and how to help those you serve.

but thank you guys for the food from christmas, i still have it and love eating it on the grill. the grill works really good and also i now sleep with those long socks on that you gave me. they help alot and my feet dont get cold ever, i sleep like a rock when i wear them but have a hard time when i dont. but God is real and i hope you guys look for His hand in your lives everyday. have a good week, look for a package brooks and keep up the good work.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictures from Philadelphia

Another Week Flies By

hey familia,

thats good to hear you got the pictures and also sounds like you all had a great week. today i actually got to write you after i read your letters. but thats too bad about the cop in delta and thats a cool video blake thanks dad for showin me that.

but this past week was really great. we had interviews and that was great talking to president and his wife. we then on sunday had a record number this transfer for people at church. we had 21 so it was really great. also we have seen some less actives with members this week and i we've gone on splits too so things are going great. i went on exchanges with the other elders up north and it was pretty cool being in north philly and seeing a lot of crazy stuff. it was great being able to see the river and open space for a little bit while we were on the train. but i found a great talk you guys should look up on the church site by President Hinckley and its about debt. in the 1998 November issue of the Ensign its called To the boys and to the men.

we have the end of the transfer this weekend and my companion is telling everyone hes leaving but really we dont know yet so ive been really patient this past week. we have a meeting tomorrow with the whole zone and theyre going to split the zone. we'll see what happens but right now there are 34 in the zone and other spanish elders who are in english zones right now so we'll see.

but sorry i dont have any crazy stories for yall. just it was funny asking a guy about the eagles and how they did. he got all sad and said he didnt want to talk about it and then i said why and he said they lost to the cowboys. haha i was smiling and the guy kinda felt bad so it was bad. but haha that was funny. also we found a crazy/awesome guy who we're teaching from mexico who used to be in the gangs down there and hi jack buses and was in rehab for cocaine so we'll see how it turns out.

thanks though for everything, you guys are awesome. congrats brooks blake and sarah for doing good in sports and school and patriarchal blesssing


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Questions and Answers

Hey Cuates,

que dicen? sounds like you guys are doing great. we have had a great past two weeks and all is well. we had zone training on monday and that was awesome. we learned some new ways to improve our investigators progress and help them continue on this path. the drunk guy who has come out teaching with us found a job and now can pay for his rent. we had a great testimony meeting on Sunday and some of our less actives really grew spiritually. we went on splits last night with two hermanos en la rama. fuimos a dos casas y les ensenamos noches de hogares. pero si toda esta bien aun que mi companero es un poco loco y a veces yo quiero salir de la casa. pero sus respuestas a las preguntas estan abajo. gracias y tengan un buen dias.

les quiero

1. How are you doing? Did you ever get a flu shot? Have you been feeling good? - im doing great, we have interviews tomorrow and then the transfer ends next week so thats crazy. things are going really good though and we've had a lot of lessons these past two weeks. and no i havent gotten a shot. i just drink airborne everyday and lots of water and im doing great.
2. How are your investigators and inactive ward members? - our investigators are all right. we have one named Polo who is doing really good and will be baptized hopefully in a month. but our ward members are doing good and we have seen a lot of less actives every week. we do daily calls to them to see how they are doing and how their prayers and scripture study is going. but things are going good. 3. Are you still keeping warm?  yes i keep really warm. that coat is really good and yes i do have a scarf. i know that may be weird but ill tell you only out here ill be wearing one. but ya all is well, just the wind is pretty cold and it feels like youre up on top of Bogus with a ton of wind and its icy skiing.
 4. Have you got nice neighbors? - we have neighbors but we dont associate much with them. just a hello or talk for a little bit. but they are nice. we dont have anyone on either side of us though so we're solo inbetween two row homes.
5. How is your district doing? How many zones are there in the mission? Where are your zone leaders from? - district is doing good. we had an awesome past week and we have started some new things that have really helped us be more accountable and work harder on our goals we set. but things are goin good. there are about 5 zones in the mission i think, im not sure. but both my zone leaders are from california. ones from LA on the beach and the other is from above san francisco somewhere on the coast, i dont remember. but theyre great. one ran track at utah state so we get along great.
6. Do you ride the subway everyday? - we ride the buses everyday but subway about 3 times a week or less. we dont really teach by it so we only use it for certain occasions. but buses we use a lot, there are a ton of bus routes here.
7. How large is your area? we have just South Philly. from Center City down to the river i think. but not west philly or east. we focus just mainly between Broad St and 5th because thats where all the members and investigators are.
8. Have you eaten some great food? Great hot dogs with grilled onions? More philly cheesesteak sandwiches? More great tacos? - we have eaten a lot of great food and great mexican food. we had a cheesesteak two days ago and it only coast 3 bucks, about a foot long too and tasted great. also strombolies are big over here and we ordered one the other week that was really good, big also. but all the food we get is really good and Dunkin Donuts is pretty good too. weve gotten donuts there about 3 times.
9. Did you have to play the piano again in church? Do you need some more Family Home Evening ideas? -no this one lady didnt like my playing last week so she talked to an english lady to play for us. so that kinda hurt my heart. but no im good with FHE ideas thanks though
10. Have you read any great scriptures you can share with us?- Helaman chapter 3. 2 Nefi chapter 25. haha dad and mom you could read this together DC 42:22. we taught one member about temples the other day and used this scripture. but today i studied DC 1:31, DC88:118-124, 3Ne 11, and Moroni 10:32. so you can check those out if you want