Thursday, January 7, 2010

Questions and Answers

Hey Cuates,

que dicen? sounds like you guys are doing great. we have had a great past two weeks and all is well. we had zone training on monday and that was awesome. we learned some new ways to improve our investigators progress and help them continue on this path. the drunk guy who has come out teaching with us found a job and now can pay for his rent. we had a great testimony meeting on Sunday and some of our less actives really grew spiritually. we went on splits last night with two hermanos en la rama. fuimos a dos casas y les ensenamos noches de hogares. pero si toda esta bien aun que mi companero es un poco loco y a veces yo quiero salir de la casa. pero sus respuestas a las preguntas estan abajo. gracias y tengan un buen dias.

les quiero

1. How are you doing? Did you ever get a flu shot? Have you been feeling good? - im doing great, we have interviews tomorrow and then the transfer ends next week so thats crazy. things are going really good though and we've had a lot of lessons these past two weeks. and no i havent gotten a shot. i just drink airborne everyday and lots of water and im doing great.
2. How are your investigators and inactive ward members? - our investigators are all right. we have one named Polo who is doing really good and will be baptized hopefully in a month. but our ward members are doing good and we have seen a lot of less actives every week. we do daily calls to them to see how they are doing and how their prayers and scripture study is going. but things are going good. 3. Are you still keeping warm?  yes i keep really warm. that coat is really good and yes i do have a scarf. i know that may be weird but ill tell you only out here ill be wearing one. but ya all is well, just the wind is pretty cold and it feels like youre up on top of Bogus with a ton of wind and its icy skiing.
 4. Have you got nice neighbors? - we have neighbors but we dont associate much with them. just a hello or talk for a little bit. but they are nice. we dont have anyone on either side of us though so we're solo inbetween two row homes.
5. How is your district doing? How many zones are there in the mission? Where are your zone leaders from? - district is doing good. we had an awesome past week and we have started some new things that have really helped us be more accountable and work harder on our goals we set. but things are goin good. there are about 5 zones in the mission i think, im not sure. but both my zone leaders are from california. ones from LA on the beach and the other is from above san francisco somewhere on the coast, i dont remember. but theyre great. one ran track at utah state so we get along great.
6. Do you ride the subway everyday? - we ride the buses everyday but subway about 3 times a week or less. we dont really teach by it so we only use it for certain occasions. but buses we use a lot, there are a ton of bus routes here.
7. How large is your area? we have just South Philly. from Center City down to the river i think. but not west philly or east. we focus just mainly between Broad St and 5th because thats where all the members and investigators are.
8. Have you eaten some great food? Great hot dogs with grilled onions? More philly cheesesteak sandwiches? More great tacos? - we have eaten a lot of great food and great mexican food. we had a cheesesteak two days ago and it only coast 3 bucks, about a foot long too and tasted great. also strombolies are big over here and we ordered one the other week that was really good, big also. but all the food we get is really good and Dunkin Donuts is pretty good too. weve gotten donuts there about 3 times.
9. Did you have to play the piano again in church? Do you need some more Family Home Evening ideas? -no this one lady didnt like my playing last week so she talked to an english lady to play for us. so that kinda hurt my heart. but no im good with FHE ideas thanks though
10. Have you read any great scriptures you can share with us?- Helaman chapter 3. 2 Nefi chapter 25. haha dad and mom you could read this together DC 42:22. we taught one member about temples the other day and used this scripture. but today i studied DC 1:31, DC88:118-124, 3Ne 11, and Moroni 10:32. so you can check those out if you want

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