Saturday, January 30, 2010

Didn't Punch Companion

well hello everyone,
i know you all thought i probably wouldve punched my companion or done something that was dumb, but i am glad to say that we both are still missionaries and have a good relationship. we had a great past week and President Murray really helped me with this obstacle i had. he told me to get rid of my pride and repent. so i have been trying to break down this wall in between my companion and i and we have really had some great studies lately and days.

We had a record number of people at church for the time ive been here of 25 so that was exciting. also we found some sweet investigators that are preparing to be baptized. one investigator we found we gave the book of mormon to and committed him to read it. when we came back and asked how his reading was he told us he was only able to read a little. he showed us the book and he had read 11 chapters. haha it was awesome we were really shocked and he is doing great right now. also we were able to find some long time less actives who have been endowed in the Temple but are less active because of word of wisdom and chastity problems. its pretty sad and they are very prideful but we are working with them.

my companion has been getting frustrated though with spanish because i tell him to go talk to people and he struggles through it and then another person and then another. in lessons its hard because ill have him teach two principles and then i have to teach the rest of it. also he doesnt understand very much either so its hard for him to answer their questions.

we havent had any crazy experiences lately, just really busy and having to call people constantly. i dont know how youre on the phone so much dad i hate it and its even worse because my companion doesnt speak much spanish so he cant talk to them. the only experiences that i have had are learning/spiritual experiences that were awesome. it is amazing when you study a talk or scriptures and you are so focused in on the pages that you forget where you are. i have learned a lot about myself and what i can do and what i need to do. we have talked in our trainings as DLs and ZLs about finding out who you really are? it has really been interesting to think about it and its hard because it is a never ending process. we learn little by little by keeping the commandments and praying with sincerety and hope to recieve this inspiration and know a little more and more.

But i hope you guys have a good week and have good attitudes. one thing that has helped me have a better attitude is writing in my planner or singing "Have I Done Any Good In The World Today?" but keep up the good work and brooks i got something to send you but it probably wont be sent til tomorrow or when we find time. but thanks for the letters and package, i havent opened em yet but thanks.
love yall.


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