Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Close Call

Hey como estan?

well thats great youre sending me some stuff but i hope you havent sent it yet cuz we moved this past week and i forgot to give you the new address. its 1854B Carlisle St Phily, PA 19148. but we moved on friday and we live up stairs and the english elders live downstairs so its pretty fun. the only bad thing was the first night we didnt have heat and it was about 30 in our apartment. but then the horrible landlord, who is a member, gave us a space heater so we've been fine. we still dont have heat or hot water but the english elders do so weve been showering/eating down there.

But thats great brooks that your team is doing so awesome. keep up the good work. oh by the way ill get your letter tonight cuz we have a lesson by our old house.

but this past week has been crazy and really awesome. it was awesome on tuesday we had zone conference and i learned a lot and had a great experience. then on sunday we had church but since it snowed half an inch on saturday and was a little cold on sunday, we only had 4 latinos show up to the branch so it was really depressing. i was gonna kill the landlord at church because hes just such a slimy businessman whos known about us moving in for the past month and he didnt even make sure we had heat or water. then on top of that we had to join with the english side for sacrament meeting. so it was a rough day and i was glad for a lesson our spanish gospel principles teacher gave cuz that helped me focus and forget about the other stuff.

This week has been really good though and its been cool finding new people who are awesome and playing basketball in front of Genos cheese steaks trying to get some guys interested in coming to church. we also have had some great lessons with less actives and investigators where you can just see them being taught by the Spirit and knowing they need to change.

I had a close call on the subway on tuesday coming back from the conference. we were sitting there and this kid across from us was eating a mcdonalds burger and dripping sauce all over the floor, making a mess. i told him to clean it up and have some respect for the train. he kinda looked at me like what are you talking to me? and then his buddys got into it and they were saying some stuff to me but then things calmed down and he picked up his bag but still left a mess after he got off. my companion thought we were goin to get in a fight but it was a cool feeling being to only white guy on the train and my heart pounding fast and sticking up for what i believe in. it was an interesting experience and hopefully it made a difference in those guys lives. but other than that nothin to crazy has happened.

we are going to go play basketball today and this morning we cleaned, washed clothes at laundromat, and bought food. then tonight we start working again at six and have lessons at six seven and eight. so its going to be a good night. hope you guys have a good time and keep working hard. sorry to hear about the van. hope you arent too happy sarah. have a great week and Have you done any good in the world today?

les quiero, love

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