Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Much to Say

Just for the record, the east coast has had record snow fall this past week~two to three feet in some areas. Philadelphia was one place that got hammered. As much as Chase loves the snow, we are sure he's been out shoveling and enjoying being there.

hey guys

sorry i dont have much time to write but all is well. we are having a blast and helping a lot of people. im goin to get the package either today or tomorrow from ups depends on if the buses are running but the train has been running all week so thats been nice. but we have had a great week except my companion had an alergic reaction on tuesday so i studied a lot. i have an awesome talk for you guys and valentines day about love, and no not that kind of love sarah, but all is well thanks a bunch you guys are awesome.

love elder nielson

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