Monday, March 28, 2011

Lots of Work in Hazleton


You need to tell Chris hello for me. Sounds like you guys are doing good though. This week was great and the momentum here in Hazleton is picking up. We were without our car this week and so we put a lot of miles on our B M doble pies. But we saw some miracles. We were able to enjoy a great Zone Conference and I talked to my buddy from Blackfoot and I think we're going to room together at Utah State so that was cool. But here in Hazleton we found a lot of new investigators this past week, all spanish, and some of them were prepared to receive the gospel. We'll be having some baptisms in the next month or two so it is great. But we just did work this week. I wish I could tell you all the things that we did and all the sweet lessons that we had but I cant. We were able to invite the Spirit strongly into their homes and it was sweet to see my companion and I know what we needed to do and then commit them to be baptized. Last night we were reading the Introduction to the Book of Mormon with a lady and her husband is a member and you could see that she just wanted to keep reading after we talked about it and what it means. It was great and then we commited her to be baptized and she just started nodding her head up and down and then burst into tears. It was what she had been waiting for and she felt the Spirit confirming that to her. But we had many other experiences that were so cool as to finding sweet new investigators or helping out a less active that used to be the 2nd Counselor in the DR, we had an investigator who hasnt come to church in forever and she snuck into the back of the chapel. I looked back at my companion and he pointed her out to me and then gave me a big fist pump. It was great.

But things are going here in Hazleton and we are getting all these people back to church or to church. Yesterday we had Branch Conference and I was really happy to know the Stake Presidency from working with them before in Reading. But they are great guys and after the meetings we went out with one of them and visited some less actives and our investigators who will be baptized in two weeks. It was really cool to feel the support of our leaders and the work with them. He mentioned to us that they plan on creating a spanish branch here in Hazleton because there are so many hispanics and less actives. So we are pretty excited about that and maybe in about three weeks we'll be having sacrament meeting here in Hazleton is spanish. So it was a really good week and we made a lot of progress.

Thanks for the steaks, today I cooked the last two up for my companion and I. We made some tacos de bistec and had a good time. He's doing really good and is a good example to me. We work really well together and thanks again for sending those. But you guys are great and good job Brooks for playing on Varsity, just dont be mad when your racket wont defend you against the Norman Returned. Have a good week and enjoy your time off. We have a busy week again and I'm pretty excited for General Conference. El Amor de Fily


Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Week in Hazleton, PA


So its a cold snowy day here in Hazleton, PA and we are doing good. This past week was great and I am really grateful to be here. We were able to have a lot of miracles and see growth in the Branch. Yesterday there were 45 people at church and thats the most they've had in awhile. We also were able to see the need for spanish Elders here. We looked up less actives and former investigators that were dropped because they were spanish speaking only and we found some new investigators out of that. But it was crazy one morning as we were walking in the street talking to people, we found less active members that were put right into our path and it happened one after another. It was really neat because we would walk away after talking to them or teaching them and we'd be all excited, but then five minutes later we'd find another member or prepared investigator. We were able to find one family that were Dominicans and there was a mom and two daughters, one of them served a mission in Guatemala, and then right down the street we found this new investigator from Honduras that was sweet, then we were walking and talked to a mechanic who then turned out to be a member who hadn't been to church since he moved down here from New York, then we talked to a lady who was pretty nice and she ended up knowing a lot about us because she was taught in Boston. It was a crazy morning and that happened other times throughout the week. On Saturday we were walking and talked to a guy who wasnt really interested and then we walked away and this van honked at us and waved us over. We went over and talked to him and he was a member from New York also that was the Sunday School President up there and wanted to know where the Church was. It was sweet. We were able to see the great need for spanish missionaries here.

But things are going really good and I'm happy to be here. I hope you didnt send a package like I requested last week, my companion is a stud and is doing great. Plus I dont think any of your candy would match up to five minutes with Normandy, no I'm just kidding. But things are good and this is a sweet Branch. Its mixed spanish and english and we really need to work on the spanish part. We only had about 4 spanish people there on Sunday and so there is a lot of work to do here. We teach both spanish and english people too so its not 100 percent spanish. But there are a ton of spanish people here and so we speak more spanish than english. The Branch leaders though are great and I am going to learn a lot from them.

Thanks for looking that stuff up for me about registration and school. I'll do the registration and everything, you've done enough thank you mucho. As for housing I dont know what I'm going to do yet because Chase Wilde is going to BYU and I havent heard from Taylor in a while but maybe tomorrow I'll get a letter because we have Zone Conference. I might try living with some buddies that I have here in the mission but we'll see. I just need to know what site to go to register. And with the coming home thing thats fine, I just want to start working as soon as I get home and not be a bum around Boise. The only thing though that I might change is having Brooks drive us down in his new Jeep Wrangler. No not really but you better be driving Brooks and not be a vago con su licensia. Well you guys are awesome and I hope you have a good week. We're going to be having a good one here in Hazleton so thanks for your apoyo y amor. Les quiero mucho y lo siento el ingles se me esta yendo. se me cuiden, el amor de La Republica Dominicana.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moved to West Hazleton


This was a great past week. I am no longer in Reading though. Yesterday I got transfered up to Hazleton, PA to be in this sweet little spanish/english Branch. I couldn't have asked for anything better to finish my mission. This is going to be a sweet area and there is a lot of potential here. My new companion is a stud too, he's from Mesa, AZ and is a great guy. We are both into the same things and he is a spanish Elder also so we're going to do work here. Yesterday was my first day here and we had an awesome night. Earlier in the day though when we drove up from Broomall we stopped by Red Robin and had a good lunch and then went to Cabelas and looked around. He had never been so we went and checked it out. I did something that you probably never have done though dad. I went into Cabelas and left with out spending a penny. It was good, but a little disappointing because I wanted a PA Cabelas shirt.

Things are good though and Im pretty excited to be here. No more responsabilities and so I have a lot more time to do things that I want to do. I have goals to write in my journal every night, finish The Book of Mormon before I go home (I just started today), and also to work out a little more and do the "transfer trim down." So things are really good right now and I cant complain except for the fact that its still winter up here.

I hope you told Curtis congratulations for me. He looks pretty good and so does the whole family. Brooks what the heck happened to you? You're probably taller than I am. But thanks you guys for your support and el amor. Have a good week you guys and dont forget to ask yourself, Have I done any good in the world today?

el amor de fily


-my new address is 417 Allen Street 1st Fl West Hazleton, PA 18202-

I forgot to tell you but I'm here with a special assignment to keep this Elder focused on the work and doing what he's doing. He's not disobedient or lazy or anything negative. He's awesome but his mom just died from cancer about two weeks ago. He's handling it really well and decided not to go home for the funeral, but he wrote a talk that his dad is going to read there. So I'm not asking to you to write him a letter or anything but maybe this week or next week you could send us out a package of beef jerky or something that I could share with him. Just something that could keep him focused on the work and not pull his thoughts to being sad or anything. He's the man though and I look up to him, he's finishes one transfer after me. But we are working hard and helping this little Branch grow so all is well here in coal country. Hasta Luego. Gracias.


Rollercoaster Days


Thanks for checking out the DMV and doing that. Also you need to tell Coach A congratulations for me and that he's the man even though he does drive a scooter. Thats pretty neat though that they made it that far. I dont care about that whole report thing, whenever you think I should do it then I'll do it.

This was a pretty good week. We had a lot of rollercoaster days with terrible mornings and then awesome evenings. It was rediculous though how many people when we were tracting would tell us that we were lying or they would try and preach to us because they felt sorry for us. But then in the evenings when we have most of our appts, they went great and the Spirit was there and everyone was uplifted and edified. We went to a funeral of the grandma of a recent convert and it was my first time seeing a dead person. The parents of this recent convert are not members and earlier in the week we had an awesome lesson with them. Tuesday morning the grandma died, and then that evening we had an appt planned with them since the week before. We ate dinner with them and then we had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation. It was great because the mom of the recent convert was really in pain because of the loss of her mother, but once we started talking about the Plan and the Book of Mormon, she loosened up. The power of the Book of Mormon was so evident in this lesson. We read in Alma 40 about the Spirit World and after she read in verse 12 about Paradise, she broke down and was crying but was comforted. It was a really neat lesson and we were able to then get them to church yesterday. So it was a pretty good week and we had a lot of good experiences.

One of my buddies is finishing his mission next week and it was really weird talking to him earlier this week at a meeting we had. Time is ticking by and it seems like it was just yesterday that him and I were in South Philly playing basketball together. But the friends you make here in the mission field are awesome and this Elder helped me a lot to be more myself and have a good time.

But thanks for the good work you guys are doing. Have a good week and keep moving on the Iron Rod. El amor de fily


--Whats up with the grey pipes in the picture?