Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moved to West Hazleton


This was a great past week. I am no longer in Reading though. Yesterday I got transfered up to Hazleton, PA to be in this sweet little spanish/english Branch. I couldn't have asked for anything better to finish my mission. This is going to be a sweet area and there is a lot of potential here. My new companion is a stud too, he's from Mesa, AZ and is a great guy. We are both into the same things and he is a spanish Elder also so we're going to do work here. Yesterday was my first day here and we had an awesome night. Earlier in the day though when we drove up from Broomall we stopped by Red Robin and had a good lunch and then went to Cabelas and looked around. He had never been so we went and checked it out. I did something that you probably never have done though dad. I went into Cabelas and left with out spending a penny. It was good, but a little disappointing because I wanted a PA Cabelas shirt.

Things are good though and Im pretty excited to be here. No more responsabilities and so I have a lot more time to do things that I want to do. I have goals to write in my journal every night, finish The Book of Mormon before I go home (I just started today), and also to work out a little more and do the "transfer trim down." So things are really good right now and I cant complain except for the fact that its still winter up here.

I hope you told Curtis congratulations for me. He looks pretty good and so does the whole family. Brooks what the heck happened to you? You're probably taller than I am. But thanks you guys for your support and el amor. Have a good week you guys and dont forget to ask yourself, Have I done any good in the world today?

el amor de fily


-my new address is 417 Allen Street 1st Fl West Hazleton, PA 18202-

I forgot to tell you but I'm here with a special assignment to keep this Elder focused on the work and doing what he's doing. He's not disobedient or lazy or anything negative. He's awesome but his mom just died from cancer about two weeks ago. He's handling it really well and decided not to go home for the funeral, but he wrote a talk that his dad is going to read there. So I'm not asking to you to write him a letter or anything but maybe this week or next week you could send us out a package of beef jerky or something that I could share with him. Just something that could keep him focused on the work and not pull his thoughts to being sad or anything. He's the man though and I look up to him, he's finishes one transfer after me. But we are working hard and helping this little Branch grow so all is well here in coal country. Hasta Luego. Gracias.


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