Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(He answers a question that someone had that served in Philadelphia about 20 years ago)I dont know about missionaries teaching a lot of Jewish people but they do teach a lot of Muslim people. When I was in Reading we taught a lady from Africa who's family was all Muslim and that was pretty interesting. In West Philly they teach a lot of Muslims too because there are so many people from Africa there. They are these people out here on the East that are called Heebee-Jeebees by the missionaries and their real name is Hebrew Isrealites. They basically attack all Christians and especially Mormon missionaries. They dress up like ninjas and have big ol beards so they stick out a little bit from the people on the street. They're mostly over in Philly and Jersey but I've never had an incounter with em. They are pretty good bashers though and some missionaries have had their testimonies shaken by them. They're really crazy people though and I've only seen em on the corner while we drove by or was on the bus.

This week was pretty good though as we found some sweet new investigators and helped some less actives out. Yesterday was probably the worst Easter Sacrament Meeting I've been to though. This older sister in the Branch talked and for the whole time she talked about some stupid movie that no one knew about and it had to do with flushing a dog down the toilet and these crazy kids. I was trying to translate it but then just gave up because I didnt know how it translated and it was just stupid. But we had a good evening with some big meals from two families so that was filling.

We were able to have a good time this past week teaching a lot and helping people read the Book of Mormon. We recently found this one investigator who has shared the Book of Mormon with his friends up in New York and New Jersey and seven of them have gotten baptized. So we got to get him over whatever is holding him back from getting baptized and then baptize him. He also has visited 314 churches and he says that the LDS Church is the friendliest out of all of them.

Today is the first day of the transfer and so I'll be staying here in Hazleton until June. It is going to be good to finish here and also to be with Elder Larson. He was getting a little sick on Friday night because he was worried he was going to get transferred, but then the call came and everything stayed the same.

Have a good week you guys and keep up the good work. Muchas gracias por su caridad y paciencia y amor y todos los atributos de Cristo que poseen. Cuidense con el platano. (This translates to Be careful with the banana. Ha- must be a figure of speech) El amor de fily


Wednesday, April 20, 2011



We had a dang good week and lots of stuff went down. We got a lot of rain from those storms and really strong wind that made it seem like Hazleton was getting baptized. There was a river of water flowing down the street and some debree from houses was flowing down. One night we walked because it was nice outside, but then at about seven it downpoared and we got soaked to the skin. It was fun though running through the rain.

We had a good time this past week being with the Zone Leaders on an exchange and I got to work with Elder Winter again. He's doing pretty good and they'll be having a baptism pretty soon. But on this exchange we had a good time and found some sweet new investigators and helped our investigators progress. After talking to Elder Winter's companion, Elder Kerouac, I think I want to live up in Montana for the rest of my life.

Yesterday was the big day of the week and it was really neat too. We were able to baptize two Dominican young men that have been coming to church for awhile now. The Baptism was really special and we made it good for the parents who aren't members yet. It was really cool though and the Branch members enjoyed it a lot. We had nine dominicans at church yesterday out of a total of 45. So we are progressing towards our own little spanish branch here in Hazleton but its going to take some more effort. I was pretty content though after yesterday and all that went down. We have become friends with the 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency since I've been here and so he came to the baptism and taught on the Restoration while we changed into dry clothes. Then we had a little snack/salad/dessert meal afterwards and it was great to see these gringos open up and realize how we do it in the spanish world. The two kids that got baptized really liked it though and they are going to be the start of something good here in this area.

Things are going good though and we have our last week of the transfer and then who knows what will happen. I'll be staying here, I'm pretty sure, but we'll see what happens. Things are good though and thanks for that package that you sent. I really liked the monkey bread. Also Sarah its not a good idea to send missionarys your picture because then you get their companion or those who are on an exchange with you seeing the picture as you're reading the mail, and then ask,"Oh Elder, how old is she? Hmm, well do you think I could write her?" So you might be getting some letters from strangers in the next couple weeks because I posted it in the mission office with your address for everyone to see.

But you guys are doing really good and I hope you have a good Easter. Muchas gracias por todo y cuidense mucho. El Amor de Fily.


- Sarah, I didnt post it up and no one will be writing you letters. So no te preocupa

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mining Pits in Hazleton


Sounds like a pretty fun week. We had a really good week too and got a lot accomplished. Today is a great day though, its the warmest day since I got here. But this past week we were able to work a lot with our investigators and find new Dominicans that will progress. We have a lot to do though with all the less actives and our investigators. The less actives need leaders in the Branch that speak spanish. There are only four people here in this area that are members and speak spanish, two of them are Elder Larson and I. But we've been visiting all these spanish speaking less actives and getting them pumped up to go to church and then they say they will and never show up. This is the story of every missionary's life but we really need these less actives to attend church. We had an investigator come yesterday and he doesnt speak any english so I translated the whole fast and testimony meeting for him. He was shocked though to see that he and one other member were the only hispanics there. We are working with the leaders to try and have a spanish sacrament meeting after all the meetings are over. But they want these investigators to come to all three hours of the meetings and suffer when they have some translater in their ear and dont really know anyone. We have to start out small and then grow from there.

But things are really good and we are teaching a lot. I think we average a little over thirty lessons here in the area and about half are member involved somehow. But we had a sweet Saturday that started off with a member couple coming out teaching with us in the morning and we taught a mexican investigator with them (they didnt understand much) and then visited some less actives with whom we had appointments. When they were driving us back home though, they stopped by this mining pit and took us over to take some pictures of these huge cranes and pits. It was pretty cool and we brought back some coal as souvenirs. But then in the afternoon we went out teaching with this less active/active Dominican guy and had a sweet lesson with this Dominican family we're teaching. My companion struggles with spanish sometimes and as we were teaching he would get a little frustrated because he couldnt say what he wanted. But he kept with it and as he descibed the First Vision to these people, the Spirit filled the room and was powerful. These men where whiping their eyes as we sat there in silence after Joseph's account of the vision. It was another brick on my testimony wall and also helped me to see the importance of praying for your companion as you teach.

Things are going really good though and we are enjoying the short sleeve shirts and sweating for once. I hope you guys have a good one y nos vemos. El amor de fily


Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

Hola Familia,

This was a great past week. That was so cool hearing Meridian, ID for the new Temple. I jumped up and was telling the few people that were there in the chapel that that was where I was from. It was really cool and then it was cool too in Priesthood Session to see Scott Hancock singing in the choir. I was watching it in spanish and I was telling the one member there how he was in my ward back home. After Priesthood Session on Saturday I called Elder Winter and we were talking about the Temple announcement and sharing excitement so it was good.

Conference was awesome though and I really enjoyed it. We were able to get this new Dominican family to come to the chapel yesterday and watch the morning session of conference. They followed us there and we were the second ones there so the second counselor in the Branch Presidency gave us the comfy chairs up in the chapel and he had all the english members that came go downstairs in the basement to watch it. It was a really good experience and they enjoyed it. But I think we need to start focusing on another thing besides school, and thats marraige. My companion and I were a little shocked how they talked directly to those single men and how they need to get married. So look for a good heifer somewhere and then I'll be set when I get back. No not really I'm just kidden Dad.

The week went really good though and I had a great time here. We were able to get work done and help our investigators progress more towards baptism. I felt a lot of love though and appreciation for coming on a mission and trying to work hard while I'm here. As we were with the Zone on Thursday for Zone Training I really had a good time being with other Elders and then talking with some buddies. Elder Lake must've emailed his mom fast because we talked about rooming together on Thursday. But he's a great guy and his family is really nice too. They have a big feed lot and herd of cows about 25,000 over in Blackfoot and so I've learned a little something from him.

I tried to get on the Returning registration and I couldn't do it. The computer wouldnt go to the password page after I tried to get to the questions. So I'll send you a copy of the email my counselor sent me and hopefully that will help. Thanks for the package too, I liked the shirt a lot. My companion is a big ASU Sun Devil and so I was wearing that shirt around talking a little smack to him. But thanks a bunch for your support and I hope you have a good week.

El Amor De Fily,