Wednesday, April 20, 2011



We had a dang good week and lots of stuff went down. We got a lot of rain from those storms and really strong wind that made it seem like Hazleton was getting baptized. There was a river of water flowing down the street and some debree from houses was flowing down. One night we walked because it was nice outside, but then at about seven it downpoared and we got soaked to the skin. It was fun though running through the rain.

We had a good time this past week being with the Zone Leaders on an exchange and I got to work with Elder Winter again. He's doing pretty good and they'll be having a baptism pretty soon. But on this exchange we had a good time and found some sweet new investigators and helped our investigators progress. After talking to Elder Winter's companion, Elder Kerouac, I think I want to live up in Montana for the rest of my life.

Yesterday was the big day of the week and it was really neat too. We were able to baptize two Dominican young men that have been coming to church for awhile now. The Baptism was really special and we made it good for the parents who aren't members yet. It was really cool though and the Branch members enjoyed it a lot. We had nine dominicans at church yesterday out of a total of 45. So we are progressing towards our own little spanish branch here in Hazleton but its going to take some more effort. I was pretty content though after yesterday and all that went down. We have become friends with the 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency since I've been here and so he came to the baptism and taught on the Restoration while we changed into dry clothes. Then we had a little snack/salad/dessert meal afterwards and it was great to see these gringos open up and realize how we do it in the spanish world. The two kids that got baptized really liked it though and they are going to be the start of something good here in this area.

Things are going good though and we have our last week of the transfer and then who knows what will happen. I'll be staying here, I'm pretty sure, but we'll see what happens. Things are good though and thanks for that package that you sent. I really liked the monkey bread. Also Sarah its not a good idea to send missionarys your picture because then you get their companion or those who are on an exchange with you seeing the picture as you're reading the mail, and then ask,"Oh Elder, how old is she? Hmm, well do you think I could write her?" So you might be getting some letters from strangers in the next couple weeks because I posted it in the mission office with your address for everyone to see.

But you guys are doing really good and I hope you have a good Easter. Muchas gracias por todo y cuidense mucho. El Amor de Fily.


- Sarah, I didnt post it up and no one will be writing you letters. So no te preocupa

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