Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

Hola Familia,

This was a great past week. That was so cool hearing Meridian, ID for the new Temple. I jumped up and was telling the few people that were there in the chapel that that was where I was from. It was really cool and then it was cool too in Priesthood Session to see Scott Hancock singing in the choir. I was watching it in spanish and I was telling the one member there how he was in my ward back home. After Priesthood Session on Saturday I called Elder Winter and we were talking about the Temple announcement and sharing excitement so it was good.

Conference was awesome though and I really enjoyed it. We were able to get this new Dominican family to come to the chapel yesterday and watch the morning session of conference. They followed us there and we were the second ones there so the second counselor in the Branch Presidency gave us the comfy chairs up in the chapel and he had all the english members that came go downstairs in the basement to watch it. It was a really good experience and they enjoyed it. But I think we need to start focusing on another thing besides school, and thats marraige. My companion and I were a little shocked how they talked directly to those single men and how they need to get married. So look for a good heifer somewhere and then I'll be set when I get back. No not really I'm just kidden Dad.

The week went really good though and I had a great time here. We were able to get work done and help our investigators progress more towards baptism. I felt a lot of love though and appreciation for coming on a mission and trying to work hard while I'm here. As we were with the Zone on Thursday for Zone Training I really had a good time being with other Elders and then talking with some buddies. Elder Lake must've emailed his mom fast because we talked about rooming together on Thursday. But he's a great guy and his family is really nice too. They have a big feed lot and herd of cows about 25,000 over in Blackfoot and so I've learned a little something from him.

I tried to get on the Returning registration and I couldn't do it. The computer wouldnt go to the password page after I tried to get to the questions. So I'll send you a copy of the email my counselor sent me and hopefully that will help. Thanks for the package too, I liked the shirt a lot. My companion is a big ASU Sun Devil and so I was wearing that shirt around talking a little smack to him. But thanks a bunch for your support and I hope you have a good week.

El Amor De Fily,


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