Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Sounds like you guys are doing good. We are doing pretty good here in PA and the work is going good. Today its the hottest its been all year I think and we are sweating a ton. Yesterday was really sweet as we went over to Ashland PA and went through this mine tour and learned a lot about coal and how it was all done. It was really cool though and we had a great time. Last week was really good as we taught a lot of people and went on exchanges with the zone leaders so that was fun.

But nothing really crazy happened, just that we had a storm here with tornado warnings and hail the size of golf balls. It was the fiercest thunderstorm I've ever been in and the wind was howling pretty good. We came out of an appt and it was pretty bad. I thought, "well if I die tonight I'll be going to a good place." There was a some damage done in a campground and in another town but no one got hurt. A Dodge/Chrysler dealership got all of its cars dented and broken windshields because of the hail. So I guess the next time I talk to you it will be in person. We might get to call at the mission home but I dont know. Have a good one and be "finishers." Hay los vidrios y cuidense mucho. El Amor de Fily.


Two More Weeks

Hola amigos,

Sounds like you guys are having a good time. Thats good you graduated from seminary Sarah now you can transfer to BYU. It was a pretty good week and things are good here in Hometown. We had our first Clase de Sion here for all our investigators and less active spanish members. It was really good and there was nine of us there so it was fun. The big thing that almost made me kill this lady is we had it planned to be in the Tailor Shop of this less active. The class was on Friday and everything was good until thursday. I was in Pottsville on an exchange and my companion was here so he called thursday night to see if we could drop some chairs off at the store for the next day. The less active says no and that we cant have the class there anymore because his wife, who I wanted to kill, is a former member but now is a Pentecostal and is anti against the Church. But she said that she would divorce him if we had the class there and that its a place for business and not for religious purposes. So this hermano shafted us and then Friday night rolls around and we just met outside his store and waited for the people to arrive. We then piled into cars and drove over to our apartment and had a good time together. It was the first step in getting a church here in Hazleton and having it only in spanish so we were pretty happy about how it all turned out.

Then on thursday morning we were walking down the street after helping out Sister Cobb (quadrapeligic) with her computer, and this lady pulls in front of us and asks if we spoke spanish, dijimos si un poquito. And she then told us that she wanted us to stop by and that she really likes our Church because she used to go with a friend over in Jersey. We're going to go see her tonight and so its going to be good.

Everythings good though and we are going to have a good week with the hispanics aqui. This next monday I dont know if I'll write because we're going to Ashland PA to go to this mine tour where they take you down into the old mine on the little train carts. Its going to be a fun day that some members planned out for Memorial Day so we'll see what happens.

The Church is true and the Book of Mormon is so blue its true. Have a good week y cuidense con los platanos. El amor de Fily.

Elder Nielson

Monday, May 16, 2011

Three More Weeks


Thanks for the cake and picture, except for you its feliz not felice, but thanks. Also thank you for the shoes, those are pretty neat and I've enjoyed running in them in the mornings. But thats good you guys had a good week and were able to go camping. The times I get to be outside are at night after we've planned and I go sit on our front porch in the chair we picked up out of someones trash and then just drink water out of my Jarritos bottle.

This past week was pretty good and yesterday I had a great birthday. We were able to progress with some less active hispanic members and also find new ones. One came to church last week and said that it was really different from the DR and didn't really like it too much. So thats our project right now, building a spanish foundation so that these dang emigrants dont have culture shock when they have to sit with boring old white ladies in Relief Society. We are starting this week with a Book of Mormon class in the shop of a less active so that will be good as we invite all the less actives here in Hazleton to it.

I had a good time yesterday though as we went to church and had the broadcast from Salt Lake for Stake Conference. I think regular Stake Conference is better but it was still good. Then we were able to help out the two members who are house bound so they could get the sacrament. The one member is that lady who's quadrapeligic and we saw her water filter to get water for the sacrament and the water was brown. Her aids are a bunch of bums so they haven't been taking care of the filter and it was filled with algea. I tried cleaning it with bleach and it still was stained with brown, so today I bought her a new one if you see that on my debit card. The rest of the day was great as we beat-to-teach some kids in a basketball game and then we helped out two people move apartments. It was cool because we walked into a less active as he was pulling up in his car and then we stayed with him for the next two hours helping these two different people move their stuff. We moved the mattresses by putting them on top of this little old Toyota Corolla and holding them down with a long rope as thick as a shoe lace. It worked and we had a good time doing it. The rest of the night we got soaked from walking in the rain from random visit to random visit and that was it.

So things are good and we are going to have a good week. Cuidense mucho y hay los vidrios. El amor de fily

Elder Nielson

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9- Four More Weeks


I forgot to wish you a happy mothers day yesterday so I thought I'd do so now. Happy Mother's Day! In the talk that I gave yesterday I talked about how mothers endure trials and hardships with an example in 2 Nephi 3:1 where it says that in their hardest afflictions Sariah did bear Joseph. So thanks mom for being a great example of enduring well those things that come into your life. I shared how one time you drove David Pehrson and I out to his duck blind and left us there and didnt even complain about it. Thank you for sacrificing so that I could have learning experiences. Then I talked about how mothers are cheerful and give light to others. There aren't a lot of mothers here in the branch so I talked about how women in general are beacons to everyone with their purity and standards that they show. Also I talked about how you were a great example of not fearing and just going and doing. I shared with them the experience when you wanted to prove to us that you were a great softball player and so you were going to play catch with me. You reared up to throw and let her fly. The arm went towards the target but the ball flew the opposite direction and hit the house. That was pretty cool how you were courageous and didn't fear the persecution of Dad or myself. But then I finished talking about how all the mothers in the branch are great examples to us missionaries as to what we want to look for in a wife, how we want to treat our kids, what we need to do to have a happy family, and lots of other things. So thanks mom for your example and love. Have a good week and keep cheerfully enduring. Cuidense amigos y nos hablamos la proxima semana. chow


Those were some good pictures Blake thanks, even though two were of my companions.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Five More Weeks


Sounds like you guys are doin work over there in B-town. You guys look good in those pictures. Brooks and Blake you guys look like studs. You might have a slight chance of beating me up if you two team up on me. But no you guys look really good and Sarah thats a good dress, hope you didnt attract any too many birds trying poke at those sunflowers. Well sounds like you guys have some good weather over there, we have been overcast about 50 for the past couple days so hopefully it warms up.

We had a great past week with a lot of success with less actives. One day last week we were walking around this trailer park trying to find a referral we got from a member and then this guy stopped and talked to us. He wanted to try and convert us to his Pentecostal church so we bashed with him for about five minutes and then got out of there. We walked down to our five o'clock appt with a less active Dominican and he wasn't there. So we turn around from knocking the door and then this lady pulls her car right in front of us. She starts talking to us and is pretty excited to see us. We were both a little shocked at first because we didnt know who this crazy Dominican lady was, but then after she explained to us that her friend is a member of the Church and is looking for the Church here in Hazleton, we both just got big ol grins on our faces. It was really cool because we now have a future spanish relief society president here in the area and we are teaching the lady who stopped us. So everything happens for a reason and the Lord will put us in others paths when needed.

Also yesterday at Church I had a good experience with the gift of tongues. The past couple weeks I've just been sitting by investigators or members that come and dont understand english and I translate for them. But some of the older crankier english members complained to us about it and so yesterday we used the headphones. Before the meetings started I said a prayer asking that I wouldn't get nervous and that I'd be able to have the gift of tongues. As it started and went on to the sacrament everything was smooth and I didnt have troubles. Then in the bearing testimony time that is alloted the less active member who I was translating for went up there and bore his testimony. He then volunteered to teach the next weeks Gospel Principles class and then as I translated for him with the head phones in Priesthood he participated a lot and was right there with everyone on the lesson. He came up afterwards and thanked me a lot for doing that because he was able to understand everything and he brought back that feeling of being a member of the Church. So it was really cool how that happened and I am grateful for this experience.

It was a good week though and I appreciated the ear tag for my companion. I wrestled him down and put that sucker right there on his left ear. Not really but he really thought that was cool. I'll be calling you at seven o'clock on Sunday night ok? So you might want to tell all your little girl friends to go home Blake starting at about four your time. Thanks for all you guys do and thanks for the letters. Even though its not depressing or anything being a missionary its good to know you have a family that cares about you and wants to let you know how they're doing.

Have a good week and we will talk to you soon. Hasta la pasta muchachitos.

Elder Nielson

One more thing,

Blake you look like you've got too much weight forward on your stance and your bat shouldn't be chilling on your shoulder. Dont get mad at me I just thought I'd tell you that.

Brooks who the heck did you go to prom with? Papichulo?