Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two More Weeks

Hola amigos,

Sounds like you guys are having a good time. Thats good you graduated from seminary Sarah now you can transfer to BYU. It was a pretty good week and things are good here in Hometown. We had our first Clase de Sion here for all our investigators and less active spanish members. It was really good and there was nine of us there so it was fun. The big thing that almost made me kill this lady is we had it planned to be in the Tailor Shop of this less active. The class was on Friday and everything was good until thursday. I was in Pottsville on an exchange and my companion was here so he called thursday night to see if we could drop some chairs off at the store for the next day. The less active says no and that we cant have the class there anymore because his wife, who I wanted to kill, is a former member but now is a Pentecostal and is anti against the Church. But she said that she would divorce him if we had the class there and that its a place for business and not for religious purposes. So this hermano shafted us and then Friday night rolls around and we just met outside his store and waited for the people to arrive. We then piled into cars and drove over to our apartment and had a good time together. It was the first step in getting a church here in Hazleton and having it only in spanish so we were pretty happy about how it all turned out.

Then on thursday morning we were walking down the street after helping out Sister Cobb (quadrapeligic) with her computer, and this lady pulls in front of us and asks if we spoke spanish, dijimos si un poquito. And she then told us that she wanted us to stop by and that she really likes our Church because she used to go with a friend over in Jersey. We're going to go see her tonight and so its going to be good.

Everythings good though and we are going to have a good week with the hispanics aqui. This next monday I dont know if I'll write because we're going to Ashland PA to go to this mine tour where they take you down into the old mine on the little train carts. Its going to be a fun day that some members planned out for Memorial Day so we'll see what happens.

The Church is true and the Book of Mormon is so blue its true. Have a good week y cuidense con los platanos. El amor de Fily.

Elder Nielson

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