Monday, May 16, 2011

Three More Weeks


Thanks for the cake and picture, except for you its feliz not felice, but thanks. Also thank you for the shoes, those are pretty neat and I've enjoyed running in them in the mornings. But thats good you guys had a good week and were able to go camping. The times I get to be outside are at night after we've planned and I go sit on our front porch in the chair we picked up out of someones trash and then just drink water out of my Jarritos bottle.

This past week was pretty good and yesterday I had a great birthday. We were able to progress with some less active hispanic members and also find new ones. One came to church last week and said that it was really different from the DR and didn't really like it too much. So thats our project right now, building a spanish foundation so that these dang emigrants dont have culture shock when they have to sit with boring old white ladies in Relief Society. We are starting this week with a Book of Mormon class in the shop of a less active so that will be good as we invite all the less actives here in Hazleton to it.

I had a good time yesterday though as we went to church and had the broadcast from Salt Lake for Stake Conference. I think regular Stake Conference is better but it was still good. Then we were able to help out the two members who are house bound so they could get the sacrament. The one member is that lady who's quadrapeligic and we saw her water filter to get water for the sacrament and the water was brown. Her aids are a bunch of bums so they haven't been taking care of the filter and it was filled with algea. I tried cleaning it with bleach and it still was stained with brown, so today I bought her a new one if you see that on my debit card. The rest of the day was great as we beat-to-teach some kids in a basketball game and then we helped out two people move apartments. It was cool because we walked into a less active as he was pulling up in his car and then we stayed with him for the next two hours helping these two different people move their stuff. We moved the mattresses by putting them on top of this little old Toyota Corolla and holding them down with a long rope as thick as a shoe lace. It worked and we had a good time doing it. The rest of the night we got soaked from walking in the rain from random visit to random visit and that was it.

So things are good and we are going to have a good week. Cuidense mucho y hay los vidrios. El amor de fily

Elder Nielson

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