Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9- Four More Weeks


I forgot to wish you a happy mothers day yesterday so I thought I'd do so now. Happy Mother's Day! In the talk that I gave yesterday I talked about how mothers endure trials and hardships with an example in 2 Nephi 3:1 where it says that in their hardest afflictions Sariah did bear Joseph. So thanks mom for being a great example of enduring well those things that come into your life. I shared how one time you drove David Pehrson and I out to his duck blind and left us there and didnt even complain about it. Thank you for sacrificing so that I could have learning experiences. Then I talked about how mothers are cheerful and give light to others. There aren't a lot of mothers here in the branch so I talked about how women in general are beacons to everyone with their purity and standards that they show. Also I talked about how you were a great example of not fearing and just going and doing. I shared with them the experience when you wanted to prove to us that you were a great softball player and so you were going to play catch with me. You reared up to throw and let her fly. The arm went towards the target but the ball flew the opposite direction and hit the house. That was pretty cool how you were courageous and didn't fear the persecution of Dad or myself. But then I finished talking about how all the mothers in the branch are great examples to us missionaries as to what we want to look for in a wife, how we want to treat our kids, what we need to do to have a happy family, and lots of other things. So thanks mom for your example and love. Have a good week and keep cheerfully enduring. Cuidense amigos y nos hablamos la proxima semana. chow


Those were some good pictures Blake thanks, even though two were of my companions.

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