Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Sounds like you guys are doing good. We are doing pretty good here in PA and the work is going good. Today its the hottest its been all year I think and we are sweating a ton. Yesterday was really sweet as we went over to Ashland PA and went through this mine tour and learned a lot about coal and how it was all done. It was really cool though and we had a great time. Last week was really good as we taught a lot of people and went on exchanges with the zone leaders so that was fun.

But nothing really crazy happened, just that we had a storm here with tornado warnings and hail the size of golf balls. It was the fiercest thunderstorm I've ever been in and the wind was howling pretty good. We came out of an appt and it was pretty bad. I thought, "well if I die tonight I'll be going to a good place." There was a some damage done in a campground and in another town but no one got hurt. A Dodge/Chrysler dealership got all of its cars dented and broken windshields because of the hail. So I guess the next time I talk to you it will be in person. We might get to call at the mission home but I dont know. Have a good one and be "finishers." Hay los vidrios y cuidense mucho. El Amor de Fily.


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  1. Finally! That Big truck Idaho Elder goes home! LOL... We honestly enjoyed having you in our Branch and in our home; too bad you never got to enjoy the local dish of pork and sourkruat! Good luck.

    Jay Gottstein