Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(He answers a question that someone had that served in Philadelphia about 20 years ago)I dont know about missionaries teaching a lot of Jewish people but they do teach a lot of Muslim people. When I was in Reading we taught a lady from Africa who's family was all Muslim and that was pretty interesting. In West Philly they teach a lot of Muslims too because there are so many people from Africa there. They are these people out here on the East that are called Heebee-Jeebees by the missionaries and their real name is Hebrew Isrealites. They basically attack all Christians and especially Mormon missionaries. They dress up like ninjas and have big ol beards so they stick out a little bit from the people on the street. They're mostly over in Philly and Jersey but I've never had an incounter with em. They are pretty good bashers though and some missionaries have had their testimonies shaken by them. They're really crazy people though and I've only seen em on the corner while we drove by or was on the bus.

This week was pretty good though as we found some sweet new investigators and helped some less actives out. Yesterday was probably the worst Easter Sacrament Meeting I've been to though. This older sister in the Branch talked and for the whole time she talked about some stupid movie that no one knew about and it had to do with flushing a dog down the toilet and these crazy kids. I was trying to translate it but then just gave up because I didnt know how it translated and it was just stupid. But we had a good evening with some big meals from two families so that was filling.

We were able to have a good time this past week teaching a lot and helping people read the Book of Mormon. We recently found this one investigator who has shared the Book of Mormon with his friends up in New York and New Jersey and seven of them have gotten baptized. So we got to get him over whatever is holding him back from getting baptized and then baptize him. He also has visited 314 churches and he says that the LDS Church is the friendliest out of all of them.

Today is the first day of the transfer and so I'll be staying here in Hazleton until June. It is going to be good to finish here and also to be with Elder Larson. He was getting a little sick on Friday night because he was worried he was going to get transferred, but then the call came and everything stayed the same.

Have a good week you guys and keep up the good work. Muchas gracias por su caridad y paciencia y amor y todos los atributos de Cristo que poseen. Cuidense con el platano. (This translates to Be careful with the banana. Ha- must be a figure of speech) El amor de fily


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