Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rollercoaster Days


Thanks for checking out the DMV and doing that. Also you need to tell Coach A congratulations for me and that he's the man even though he does drive a scooter. Thats pretty neat though that they made it that far. I dont care about that whole report thing, whenever you think I should do it then I'll do it.

This was a pretty good week. We had a lot of rollercoaster days with terrible mornings and then awesome evenings. It was rediculous though how many people when we were tracting would tell us that we were lying or they would try and preach to us because they felt sorry for us. But then in the evenings when we have most of our appts, they went great and the Spirit was there and everyone was uplifted and edified. We went to a funeral of the grandma of a recent convert and it was my first time seeing a dead person. The parents of this recent convert are not members and earlier in the week we had an awesome lesson with them. Tuesday morning the grandma died, and then that evening we had an appt planned with them since the week before. We ate dinner with them and then we had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation. It was great because the mom of the recent convert was really in pain because of the loss of her mother, but once we started talking about the Plan and the Book of Mormon, she loosened up. The power of the Book of Mormon was so evident in this lesson. We read in Alma 40 about the Spirit World and after she read in verse 12 about Paradise, she broke down and was crying but was comforted. It was a really neat lesson and we were able to then get them to church yesterday. So it was a pretty good week and we had a lot of good experiences.

One of my buddies is finishing his mission next week and it was really weird talking to him earlier this week at a meeting we had. Time is ticking by and it seems like it was just yesterday that him and I were in South Philly playing basketball together. But the friends you make here in the mission field are awesome and this Elder helped me a lot to be more myself and have a good time.

But thanks for the good work you guys are doing. Have a good week and keep moving on the Iron Rod. El amor de fily


--Whats up with the grey pipes in the picture?

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