Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Mission


Sounds like you guys are doing pretty good. Those are some good pictures and nice goggles Sarah. But yes that would be awesome if you could look into school registration and that stuff for me. Just get the basic stuff for me and then I can look up classes or other things from Utah State that I need. But I also have one other request, I need the Home town of Dave Detwiler here in PA, maybe his parents names and address, also Dave's phone number. We have an investigator that is awesome and he is from out there by where Dave is and He knows a lot of Detwilers. So maybe Dave could talk to this guy about how he converted and help him see why this is so important.

This was a great past week. We trained the Zone on Thursday and it was a great meeting. We got a lot of participation and also did an activity at the end so it was good. Things here in our area went really well. We had a lot of success in helping our investigators come to church and also prepare for baptism. I was on an exchange with the Assistants and I realized how much I love this mission and Philadelphia. I went down into Southwest Philly with one Elder and Elder Winter stayed up here with the other. But down there we drove by the city and saw all the lights and the buildings and I was so glad to have lived there for a year. This really is a sweet mission and I have had a great time here and done a lot of good things.

But let me tell you about this investigator who might know Dave's family. Hes awesome and came to church yesterday for the first time. Hes a fly fisherman, football fan, hunts, and just got a part time job at Cabelas. We get along really well if you couldnt tell, but we found him back in January and we have only taught him about five times. We have really pushed the Book of Mormon on him and he now is reading daily. He told us last week that it just kind of attracts his attention and so every morning before he goes to work he picks it up and reads some. He came to Church yesterday though and really loved it. He is a less active Greek Orthodox. But I realized yesterday that I really enjoy being an english Elder and that its not so bad after all. The ward is a little weird but I really like em now. So this is a testimony along with yours mom, of consistently doing things when we get discouraged or dont enjoy it, leads to true joy.

So dont get down you guys and keep up the good work. Have a good week and dont get stuck in Walker Brooks if you go out driving in the mud. el amor de fily.


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