Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boise Boys


You guys are awesome. Those are sweet pictures and good job Blake for playing baseball. If I were you I would keep playing baseball for as long as you can. Also thanks for the pictures you sent of me with longer curly hair. I dont think my hair will curl anymore since its been short for so long.

This was a great past week and a lot of things happened. We were able to have a good first week together and the Boise Boys are doing work here. We increased our teaching pool and have a good future in sight. We are also growing closer and closer with the ward members so things are good. We had a meeting down in Broomall with all the ZLs in the mission and it was pretty fun because what we've done for the past couple months is we travel down there the night before and stay with the Assistants. Then in the morning we wake up at about 545 and go play basketball. It has been a great chance for me as a missionary to meet some great friends and enjoy the work with them. But the meeting was great and we got some things done.
There's a new assistant now and he is a different kind of guy. They both are a little "funny" like you Dad and so everyone is skeptical of them and a little worried. So thats the buzz in the mission right now.

We had a lot of ice this week and it was fun walking around and seeing everything with a quarter of an inch of ice. One guy that we started teaching is from the Dominican Republic and speaks mostly english, but he is doing great right now. We found him on Wednesday and then had a return appt on Saturday. We show up on Saturday and he asks us if we have the Book of Mormon. He told us " I just need the Book of Mormon now and then I will know if it is true, right?" So he is doing really good and reading the Book right now. We also were able to help one of our investigators, who is from Africa, get ready to be baptized at the end of this month or the first of next month. Its been a good week though and I am a lot happier. When you are around people that you can connect with and you enjoy being with them all the time, then you are happier. It has been good to see the change and also to learn.

Thanks for el amor that you guys are so great at giving to me and other people. Have a great week and dont forget to be grateful for the things that you have. This morning I thought about that in my personal study and wrote a big list down of all the things I am grateful for that have helped me get to where I am now. It was cool to think of some of the spiritual experiences that I could remember and to then expound on that and see how blessed we are. So have a good one and I'll send you a package today with one of my old notebooks and also THE MEMORY CARD. Les quiero mucho, gracias por todo, esten bien.


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