Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Companion from Meridian

Hola Familia,

I am here in Reading still and all is well. I got my new companion this morning and he's a pretty good draw. His name is Elder Ben Winter from Meridian ID and I'm pretty sure we played against each other in basketball (he was point guard) and we know a lot of the same people. He said he dated Brooke Millward's cousin and was pretty good friends with Brooke. But hes a good guy and we are going to do work here in Reading. I'm excited to be with someone younger than I am and to learn from a different point of view. My old companion was a good guy and all but I never really connected with him at all and we had completely different points of view. I learned a lot from my old companion but it feels good to have a new companion.

This was a pretty good past week. We got a flat tire on our car, I did some nascar speed changing of the tire. We helped a lot of cars get unstuck from the snow because it snowed a bit. I was able to sing in the spanish branch with the other Elders and that was really neat. It was just a good week and we got stuff done. I had a really good exchange with an Elder from Rexburg who is serving in Quakertown PA. We were walking around teaching people in the middle of the big snow storm. People were a little mad at us for being outside at that time but it was great. We got covered in snow and met some sweet people so it was great. Then I got to use a shovel and help out people by shoveling off their drive ways and also by clearing out big piles of snow that covered their garages. Yesterday we had a good time at church and then I went to an ARP class with one of our less actives and listened to alcoholics talk about their problems and how we can change. It was a week full of activity and we had a good time.

Thanks for the package though I'll send you the card back next monday with some other stuff. Have a good week and don't scratch up those boots Brooks, you dont want them hefers to stop chasing you around. El amor de fily.

Elder Nielson

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