Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hasta La Pasta


Thats too bad that Mack died, maybe you should talk about the details of the Plan of Salvation as a family. But thats good you had a busy week because we had one too. It was a good start to the week because we had zone conference and Elder Winter and I were the stars of the training. We trained on Investigators attending church and did this fun example of being at a Phillies game and then watching it from home. It went well. But then I was on an exchange with an Elder from Preston ID and we were in his area of Bethlehem. It was a good exchange but it was really hard to see how this Elder's companion was dragging down the area because of his laziness and also because of his day dreaming of home. I told this Elder that even though he was young he needed to whip this Elder into shape and get this area going. It was also a great exchange because the weather was awesome. We were cruising around with the windows down in the 71 degree weather. It was really nice and everyone was outside and enjoying the sun.

But the highlight of the week was to be able to go back home to north philly and see all my buddies in the Spanish world. They had a spanish training meeting and I was invited to go down with all the spanish elders in the mission. I was so happy to see how old companions and other elders were doing and also to see the city. The best part was seeing some of the members and youth from the ward there where I served. One of them ran up to me and gave me a big hug and we had a good time together. I am really grateful for the chance that I had to serve there and to help them out. It was the best feeling though to know that people care about you even when you're gone and you dont have any contact with them. The meeting was good though and we learned about spanish and others things in the cultures.

Things are going good though and we are doing work here in Reading. We finally got this one family that we've been teaching to come to church and they enjoyed it. We have seen the benefits from working with the members and getting them involved in the teaching process. You guys are great and have a good week.

Hasta la pasta.


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