Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeping A Good Attitude Even Though...

Hey yall,

congratulations Brooks on winning the championship in basketball. Thats a great experience and great coaching.

This past week has been crazy but all is well. we have had a lot of great spiritual lessons where the Holy Ghost has made these less active members really think and touched their hearts. so we are hoping to have a great sunday with the chapel full.

We also were able to help out a ton of people the last two weeks for getting them unstuck. we helped out a big box truck about 26 feet long get out of the snow by the corner of our street, that was fun. then we helped some cop cars and the funniest was two cop cars who were stuck with drug dealers in the back seats of em. they called for back up and so it was us the missionaries, two random guys, and about 8 policemen who pushed them out. it was a lot of service and less teaching so that was fun.

I dont know if you already sent those packages to me over here but all i have gotten was the package from Kim and Dave. youll have to tell them thanks for me and that my companion said i would get a tie like that because i live in Idaho. but i hope you didnt send em to a wrong address, or my biggest worry is that someone stole em or something. so sorry if you sent em long ago but i havent got anything else, also we checked the old house a few times.

Last night i threw up 6 times and had bad diarreah that reminded me of the cows when theyve been eating the fresh hay and its just all green and sloppy. it was a bad night and today i am pretty weak. we went out to lunch yesterday with a member and got Subway, im pretty sure it was the spinach because they were all over the toilet. but i dont think ill be eating at subway anytime soon.

One of our investigators who is a stud and is from mexico, finished reading the Book of Mormon this past week and knows as much or more than my companion. he has a baptismal date but the only problem is getting him to church because of work. also we have been really struggling with one lady who should be baptized but she just doesnt understand how her baptism as a baby is in valid and how the great apostasy took place.

I got really frustrated this past week with everyone here and realized how much i hate the big city. a lot of the investigators/less actives are really flaky and lie a lot to us because they are lost. everyone here knows the importance of church but its just the things of the world are dominating their lives right now. we have a big problem with the mexicans because they dont really care much about God right now because they are here with a purpose of making a lot of money for 2 to 5 years and then build a big house in mexico and go back to living a good life and going to church. im not mad right now but its just hard to really help them when they arent going to do their part.

I'll be sending you guys a letter today or tomorrow that has your valentines day presents in it. you really need to read em and look em up because they have helped me out a lot with that topic of "love", and not the mushy gushy love blake. The real love of God and how we can have real joy in our lives that lasts. not joy in working a ton and gaining riches of the world. but i hope you all have a great week and keep up the good work. Let me know if you need anything.

love you guys


oh by the way why did i screw up and come on a mission right now when im missing out on the winter olympics? haha no its cool but man its hard not to watch in the tv's we pass. hope youre studying sarah to one day ski as an olympian.

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