Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Week Flies By

hey familia,

thats good to hear you got the pictures and also sounds like you all had a great week. today i actually got to write you after i read your letters. but thats too bad about the cop in delta and thats a cool video blake thanks dad for showin me that.

but this past week was really great. we had interviews and that was great talking to president and his wife. we then on sunday had a record number this transfer for people at church. we had 21 so it was really great. also we have seen some less actives with members this week and i we've gone on splits too so things are going great. i went on exchanges with the other elders up north and it was pretty cool being in north philly and seeing a lot of crazy stuff. it was great being able to see the river and open space for a little bit while we were on the train. but i found a great talk you guys should look up on the church site by President Hinckley and its about debt. in the 1998 November issue of the Ensign its called To the boys and to the men.

we have the end of the transfer this weekend and my companion is telling everyone hes leaving but really we dont know yet so ive been really patient this past week. we have a meeting tomorrow with the whole zone and theyre going to split the zone. we'll see what happens but right now there are 34 in the zone and other spanish elders who are in english zones right now so we'll see.

but sorry i dont have any crazy stories for yall. just it was funny asking a guy about the eagles and how they did. he got all sad and said he didnt want to talk about it and then i said why and he said they lost to the cowboys. haha i was smiling and the guy kinda felt bad so it was bad. but haha that was funny. also we found a crazy/awesome guy who we're teaching from mexico who used to be in the gangs down there and hi jack buses and was in rehab for cocaine so we'll see how it turns out.

thanks though for everything, you guys are awesome. congrats brooks blake and sarah for doing good in sports and school and patriarchal blesssing


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