Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hannah Montana

hey que chido no?

so i am still here in South philly. ill be here for awhile i think. still am the district leader but also i am training this transfer too. my companion is from Salt lake and hes a whole lot different than me. he likes to dance, basketball and football, real city boy, was a cheerleader in high school and at utah state for a year. he is mixed white and black so thats cool. hes a good guy though and has great motives. his spanish is really bad though so i am going to be speaking a lot of spanish this transfer. he sleeps with a hannah montana pillow case and blanket, and works out with his shirt off. so i am a little worried but nothing has happened yet.

but this week i am really going to have to learn to love and have charity and patience. this is probably going to be the hardest transfer of my mission i think but we'll see. We get along good and its been a good 2 days. this past week was awesome though. we had 22 people at church and a couple investigators so that was aweosme. also we made great strides with some investigators and less actives so things are going great. on monday and tuesday i was with an older elder who im good friends with and hes from argentina but lives in utah, but we had a great two days and i learned a lot from him.

i wish i could show you a video of my mind of all the things that i have learned this past week. read some great talks and scriptures in my personal study. it is awesome when you are teaching an investigator and they ask you a question and you read that chapter that morning in personal study. you whip out the book and teach them, clear their doubt and move on. its really cool how the Spirit brings back to rememberance those things you have learned. But if you would like you could read "Jesus: The Perfect Leader" by President Kimball 1977 it is an awesome talk about leadership and how to help those you serve.

but thank you guys for the food from christmas, i still have it and love eating it on the grill. the grill works really good and also i now sleep with those long socks on that you gave me. they help alot and my feet dont get cold ever, i sleep like a rock when i wear them but have a hard time when i dont. but God is real and i hope you guys look for His hand in your lives everyday. have a good week, look for a package brooks and keep up the good work.


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