Thursday, December 31, 2009

Importance of Good Eye Contact


it was great getting to talk to you guys too. but this past week was crazy with all the things we experienced. sunday we had a good show up of 13 people at church and only the branch pres was there so my companion presided on the spanish side, i played the piano (top hand only), he conducted, i blessed both bread and water, then i taught the gospel principles class, then me and my companion taught elders quorem too because no one was prepared with a lesson. it was the most id ever done on a sunday at church.

but then this week weve had some great lessons a lot more member activity and visiting less actives so thats been great. but one less active we saw, we helped move them down the block to another apartment. then after we helped em move, we taught the wife whos a non member a lesson. but so imagine this, we're in this small apartment with stuff all over the place unpacked, her little 1 year old boy running around, and her husband(the less active member) isnt there yet. but so we're teaching her, and after about 10 minutes of teaching the baby sitting on her lap starts actin up like hes hungry, so the lady without even thinking twice, just pulls down one side of her shirt and the baby starts breast feeding right there infront of us. i was shocked and my companion turns to me and starts to laugh a little bit, but we just kept our eyes up and let me tell you that was the longest i have ever looked into someones eyes, it was bad. so we're trying to end the lesson and get out of there so we dont have to keep fighting this, but the lady keeps talking and telling us how shes catholic and all about the life of Jesus Christ. so after her feeding that kid like 3 different times and us not knowing what the heck we got ourselves into, we finally end the thing and get out of there. haha it was so crazy.

but we had a great rest of the night and had awesome lessons after that. we have become friends with a less active guy from mexico whos name is Ether and all is family members have Book of Mormon names. but Ether had a drinking problem and lost pretty much everything from it. he shakes still because he is trying to stop it. so hes come teaching with us this past week for the first time and it has been so awesome to see him change and how much happier he is from not drinking. at first he reminded me of the dad on hoosiers who is the drunk and then he finally gets his act together and coaches the team, you know dad? this ether is just like him i swear, but it has been an awesome experience working and teaching with him.

so the gospel is real you guys and God lives and loves all of us. He loves us so much here in Philly that he gave us snow today to cover up all the trash. but i hope you guys have a great new years eve and stay out of trouble. thanks for the sweater, socks and card. i havent sent the pictures yet so ill try as soon as i get time. but you guys are awesome keep it up and dont just let the wind blow by you.

love yall

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