Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day Before Christmas

hey guys,

ya i want you to call me at 4 in the morning your guys time cuz i know you'll already be up probably. no not really, 7 at night my time. but no i havent got your letter about the boys goin down to utah. i did get your christmas card and one from parkers family, the johnsons sent me a package (i dont know why, i told em not to) and ya thats an interesting card mom, very clever.
thats cool if you guys got a lot of questions because i dont even really know what to say so ya just ask all you want.

thats good you guys got snow though, hows skiing looking? the snow is still here and there are big piles on all the corners but the streets are mostly cleared, some still arent accesible and the sidewalks have ice on them. my companion has fallen a couple times but hes ok, im not being prideful but i havent yet. the snow was so deep though, i got pictures of it, and it covered the cars. i guess it was like 22 inches or something like that. it was awesome. i didnt make any snow angels though, my companion was going crazy though because hes from arizona though ya know so he was all wow and wanting to make snow angels and stuff. he had a kid throw a snowball at him just so he could say it happened to him. but luckily we have a shovel at the house and my companion doesnt know a lick about using one so i shoveled out a lot of cars in our travels this week. we had a lot of people stuck and they were either asians or mexicans so they had trouble. one family we helped for like a half hour get down their street and after about half way the father told me to drive and so i actually drove his dodge caravan out of it so that was funny.

but this week was great and we've been having some great lessons and committing people to baptism so things are moving forward. last sunday though it was kind of depressing because we only had sacrament meeting and this was right after it dumped snow here, and we only had 2 people at church and they were investigators so that was crazy.

but glad to hear you guys are having fun and i hope you get to go skiing soon. we'll talk tomorrow then i guess so have a good one and if you cant get a hold of me then ill call you guys from the calling card i have at like 710 or 715 PM alright. merry christmas and i love you guys.

oh and mom its mucho amor not mucho lovo hijo mio que paso mami, como esta la vaina y los ninos que estan en utah? tuvimos almuerzo ayer con una miembra de la iglesia y la comida estuvo bien rica. fue arroz, pollo, y mole. pues gracias por su tiempo y hablaremos manana ok?

les quiero chase

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