Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gooey Louie's

hey guys,

what do you mean you didnt receive my new address, i sent an extra email after i sent the first one that had my address. but here it is:

2432 South Fairhill Street Philadelphia, PA 19148.

but as for the packages i got them at zone conference on tuesday, also the one from g and g wilson. but the cooler arrived the same day we had zone conference so the elders in reading couldnt bring it down. but theyre planning on gettin it to me before christmas so its cool.

as for calling you guys, its goin to have to be at after 7 my time and you need to call me at around 7 at the number 215-271-5023. and if that doesnt work then ill just call you at like 710 from the calling card i have and ya. but it shouldnt be a problem, we'll have like 40 minutes max to talk so im glad you guys are planning what you want to know. oh and dont worry about the english, i still know english, we study everything in english, mostly, except for our hour of spanish study. because the mission president and all our meetings are in english so its really not that much spanish, just with the wards, people, and between ourselves is when we use spanish.

but you guys this past week was so good. i had an awesome experience with my zone leader on exchanges and really learned an important principle, then on sunday i was shocked at church when we only had 15 people at church and the whole rest of church we talked about plans to help the ramita, little branch, grow. it was pretty depressing.

but we had a good monday, then tuesday we had zone conference and had a great training and instruction from pres murray, then after the two zones did christmas plays and that was fun, after that we had a christmas feast of famous daves, which was pretty good, we then played games. group games that you normally dont do as a missionary, but we played dodgeball too and it was a good time. but this week has been great. we began teaching some guys who work in a chocolate factory and so we get a lot of truffles and valentines day candy after our lessons from them. the members like to go there with us too. but it has been a great week and really learned a lot as to what this is all about and what i need to do.

my companion is from phoenix and hes 20, good guy, has lost 50 pounds so far on his mission, hes been out the same time as me. we get along good, except for we have troubles sometimes deciding what to teach because he thinks im too serious sometimes. but hes a good guy and is good at spanish so we do great together. also he likes dunkin donuts so we've gone there a couple times.

i had the opportunity last week to have my first real philly cheese steak and man it was awesome. ill describe it to you later but it was good. at a place called Gooey Looeys and the Pats and Genos places are about 2 blocks away but they arent as big and good.

but things are going great and we are going caroling down at center city today so that will be sweet. have a good week and read the book of mormon.

Samuel the Lamanite.

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