Thursday, December 3, 2009


hey you guys

sounds like yall had a good thanksgiving break and especially you brooks. thats good that its cold over there. the weather here in Reading is crazy. today is really warm with a warm breeze but yesterday it rained all day and was freezing cold. its been pretty nice though not too bad. i guess its suppose to snow/rain this weekend though so we'll see.

so as you all have probably been wanting to know, my thanksgiving? how was it? well it was pretty dang good ill tell you that. we played soccer/football games in the morning and that was pretty fun to run around and get worked in soccer by the latinos but then dominate in football. they dont really understand football all the way. but it was fun running around and in the mud. we then went home and studied, wrote, hung out, went to the mall for my companion to buy a GPS, then at four we went to our first dinner appt. with the fam. palacios who are members. we were suppose to eat there right when we got there but ended up waiting an hour and a half for the food. so we were there for 3.5 hours eating and talking. it was a good dinner though, turkey(she didnt know how to cook it so it was just cut up) , chicken, mashed potatoes(without gravy, they dont like it), cactus (was pretty good), ham, salad, pie, corn bread, other stuff. it was pretty good. but since we were there for so long and we had 4 dinner appts that night we ended up just going to two. so we went to the Fam. Lunas house after that. they had rice and beans, turkey(cooked as a whole turkey), flan (fatty cheese cake like stuff, its good), ham, mangu (mashed plantanes with cheese, like mashed potatoes but not), and other stuff. so after we left there we were really stuffed and it was an awesome night with a lot of food and good people. it was a good day.

but for the rest of the week things went well and we've been preparing for our investigators wedding tomorrow, baptism on sunday. this weekend is going to be sweet and ive been takin a lot of pictures so dont worry. but we had interviews yesterday and that was awesome. President Murray is the man and shared some cool stuff with me yesterday that has me excited. but as for me moving anywhere, ill be staying here for another transfer at least so thats got me excited.

but all is well and thanks for the email. keep up the good work brooks and blake in basketball. sarah stay out of contentious or places you know have something bad with em. norman and wendell keep smiling and read the talk by President Monson this last conference "What Have I Done For Someone Today?" well you guys take care alright and dont enjoy the snow too much, and no sarah i cant go skiing on p days what kind of question is that? maybe someday you'll be able to keep up with me on the slopes. haha no just kiddin. but all is well and life is good.

viva philly, mi amor.
Elder Nielson

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