Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

hey guys.

ya i remember richs mom she was a good lady, ive been to her house before and she was really cool. but thats too bad, at least we have the plan of salvation so they will see each other after this life.

but sounds like you guys are doing good and ready for thanksgiving. we have this morning as part of our p day so we went and bought some food and clothes and then later we'll work again. but tomorrow is going to be sweet cuz everyone is calling us asking what we're doing tomorrow and inviting us to come over, so im thinking we'll just go from house to house and eat a little here and there. so itll be fun.

one food i ate yesterday for the first time that was not too good was eggplant. we got some rice and beans yesterday after our lesson and they had a fried eggplant on top of the rice. it was a really weird texture and i dont think ill be eating it again. but this past week was really good and we had a great weekend. lots of lessons and good weather so tthat was nice. it started raining yesterday though and its drizzling all day today so its been fun riding our bikes.

we had a cool experience the other day though with some guys who owned the little corner store we went into. they were amazed that we could speak spanish and then we kept talking and i bought some milk and treats, then the cashier guy hooked us up with some free candy bar things and also gvae me a discount on my stuff. so it was pretty cool and maybe if you guys would learn spanish you could get discounts too.

but ya sorry for spending a lot of money last thursday, i bought you guys some stuff and also im working on the pictures, we've been taking a lot lately with the families we're teaching so ill try and get em sent in with the stuff but it might be a couple more weeks. but hope you guys have a good time with the family and dont eat too much. we only have like 1 week left of this transfer so we'll see whats gonna happen i might stay or move im not sure yet. but thanks for everything and take care.



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