Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Quick Story

so i forgot to tell you about the story we had last night. we have a meeting with the leaders of the branch every wednesday night at 730. so we were gettting a ride from Hermano Marrero to the church. but when we got out of our lesson at 645, my companions bike tire was flat. so we tried pumping it up with the little pump i carry around, it didnt work. so we walk towards marreros house, see a gas station with a pump, stop i get some quarters inside and we fill up the tire, nope its got a hole. so we start walking, now we're only about 6 blocks away from his house and its 650. we finally get to his house at like 708 he comes out and has an old honda suv.

my companion asks if we can put the bikes in his car and then he takes us home after the meeting, he agrees and so we go through all this trouble trying to get the bikes in the back. we have to take off the front tires then put down the back seat and take out some things he had in the back. so finally they both fit and so now we jump into the front seats and me and my companion are scrunched in the passenger seat and im hanging in the middle by his arm rest and then we have little Hno Marrero driving with only head lights like a mad man. the dash lights dont work and he drives like a latino, fast and punches it at every stop sign.

so it was an exciting 10 minute drive to the church, we have to meeting and everyone is happy. then he takes us back home afterwards, end of story. it was pretty funny but we were really grateful that he did it because it wouldve been like 1030 by the time we walked our bikes back to the house after the meeting. have a good one and try looking for the little miracles each day. im trying to do that and its pretty neat.

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