Thursday, November 5, 2009

Answers some questions...


Have you been sick? Did you get a flu shot?
no i am not sick, just a runny nose. my companion got sick though a couple weeks back but everythings good now.

Has it been really stormy?
its been a little windy but clear the past week and we havent had any rain i dont think. but its been cold enough that we need to wear a light jacket. but we bike so much that if we wear too many layers we die of sweat so thats the only problem.

Where are most of the people from that you are teaching?
most of the people we teach are from puerto rico or the dominican republic. me and my companion are doing good. we do really good together and like doing outdoor things so we get along good. the funny story for this week is one of the guys we are teaching is a mechanic and has his own big shop. we stop by and teach him and sometimes help him with whatever he's doing. but the other day we found out why he'd been to jail a couple months back. he fights roosters. he showed us his cages and his best roosters and was tellin us all about it. it was really cool and interesting but man its crazy. he still does it back in PR. also it was pretty funny in church we had one of our really good investigators introduce himself to the priesthood and he basically pledged to stay in the church and that hes gonna get baptized so that was pretty good. but ya other funny stuff just like crazy people we see, one drug deal we saw, and cockroaches crawling down the wall right behind this lady we're teaching in the middle of the lesson. i dont know theres a bunch of stuff.

What did you do for Halloween?
Halloween was pretty good. we just had to come in a 6 and so i had a good study until bed. but ya lots of funny stuff about the yankees and phillies.

Do you get our letters every week?
yes i get the letter every week thanks a bunch i appreciate it.

Do you have any requests for Christmas?
i dont need anything for christmas, also the coat isnt needed either. i got under layers and the windbreaker that i have is awesome and i stay really warm, the only problem is that one of the other elders was using my jacket and gloves because we were on exchanges with the ZL and he lost my nice leather gloves i bought so i was a little ticked, he was just kinda like "oh oops sorry i guess i didnt see em." but oh well.

Do you listen to music?
ya we can listen to music, we only have one CD so we listen to that in the apartment and my companion likes this one song that i think ive listened to over a hundred times. but ya we can listen to church music.

just keep doing what youre doin. all is well. i really had a great week and learned a lot. i have some changing to do with some things but things are going good and we have some baptisms coming up. it makes you feel good when someone who the other spanish elders are teaching tells you that they want you to teach em. we have some good friendships. but ya things are good and thanks for everything. have a good one. read the scriptures.
elder nielson

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