Friday, November 20, 2009

Weddings and Partying

buenos dias,

man you guys had an awesome week. congrats brooks on making the team. now you gotta work hard bro and really pay attention to coach ty and learn from him, hes a way good ball player. but bro thats sweet man, and work at gettting stronger and faster. try out those strength shoes that we have. but man im proud of you.

well you guys you have no idea how great this past week was. we kicked butt with our investigators and received two wedding invitations so we're going to be partying a lot in these next two weeks. two families we've been teaching made dates and one is the 28 of this month and the other is the 4 so im pretty excited for that.

also we had the entire mission conference with Elder Nelson. that was so sweet man. he is really a man of God. like think of the smartest person you know and then times them by 50 and you have Elder Nelson. he shared some really interesting stuff with us about repentance and greek words and scriptures galour. it was really awesome experience. then later that night we got to listen to him again in our stake conference meeting for adults, then the next morning at the big meeting. it was an awesome meeting and really learned a lot. the best thing though was we have this recent convert who is the bomb, he helps us out a lot and is a stud, but we've been trying to teach his wife and she never has kept commitments or really felt it necessary to be part of the church. but she came to the sunday meeting with Elder Nelson and he talked about families and teaching our children about the Gospel, great talk, i should send my notes to you guys, but she was crying afterwards and really liked it alot so that was really exciting for us.

then this week we've had some great lessons and really had a lot of success in finding and helping out people. the other day though we were knocking some doors before one of our appts and this one house we went to the guy walks up to the door and is looking down at his chocolate lab saying "attack! attack!" and the dog is just looking up at him and doesnt do anything, so the guy keeps saying it and then says to us to stop coming by his house or else he's going to sick his dog on us and "believe me it wont be pleasant" haha so we were all ok thanks for your time sir have a good day and left to the next door. haha but the guy was a nut and my companion was saying how he was gonna kick the dog in the throat if it came out. haha so thats my story for the week.

but thanks for the package mom i dont know if im gonna have time to eat all that because we are gonna be busy with dinners this next week but we'll see. thanks for the newspapers too, my comp really likes em. but ya things are going great and one member is trying to donate his car to us so thats pretty cool. the weather has been great, really warm and sunny. but i guess its suppose to rain the next couple days so we'll see.

we have a baptism the next two or three weeks in a row for sure so thats awesome. the spanish is great too. its so much fun when you can communicate and understand what other people are talking about when its non gospel stuff. its really helped me gain closer relationships here in reading with the members. oh ya and the other night we were with the President of the Branch's son and hes sixteen. hes got his permit so we convinced him to drive us around one night. his dad said it was fine so he drove us to two lessons and had an interesting experience trying to explain to this pastor how God is not all three. that reallly its God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost as three separate beings. it was kind of like bible bashing and the scriptures he would share with us were so stupid and his points were so broad that you could really see how confused and wrong this guy really was. but we got out of there and left with peace so that was good.

but ya things are great and thanks for your guys support and keep up the good work.

love yall. norman

oh ya brooks bro, im just warnin ya but Davis likes to run you a lot so take advantage of it and use your cross country skills to beat everyone and get quicker. but ya man have a good time with bball and even though youre probably like the most popular kid in the gym,(chesters little bro), haha no just kidding, but really if people say that to you just be like yep youre right im related to him and then ignore it cuz it dont matter who you know or what someone you know did, just what you do it what counts. so work hard and play defense and rebound and the rest will come.

theres a quote that i heard that when you stop worrying about the center and focus on the edges, the center takes care of itself. so just do the little things and smile and make jokes and theyll like ya. talk to kroup and have him help ya out on defense and other stuff.

love you guys peace out.

hasta luego

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