Friday, November 13, 2009

Successes from Baptisms to Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

hey como les va?

so this past week was really awesome. we had a great time teaching some people and made baptismal dates so that was exciting. we have the baptism for pedro who fell off the roof next sunday.

but tuesday we had zone conference and that was awesome. i learned a lot and really had a great time. this mission is awesome and president murray is the man. its so cool how we focus so much on ourselves and how we need to come unto Christ and experience true conversion. i have been praying out loud after my companion goes to sleep and fasting every now and then and it has really helped me to become a different "creature" than what i was 5 months ago. but zone conference was awesome and we really had a great learning and growing experience.

also on sunday us missionaries had to talk in sacrament and the spanish was great. we did good and i felt so good yesterday when we went to this investigators house and she was like man i have to compliment you on your spanish, you have grown so much since you first came here. thats basically what she said, not exactly, but it really made me feel good.

i have really tried to improve my studying this past week and i have seen the difference. it is amazing how much you get out of a study when you write down the stuff and revelation you get while reading. i have a study journal for our personal studies and i hadnt been writing in it for the past 1.5 months so i started doing that again and its really helped. so i would invite you guys to do that and write down every little impression that you get while studying, the talk in this past conference explains it better i think it was by Eyring but i dont know you can check.

but things are going great and me and my comp had the best week in the whole zone, probably mission, last week number wise so that was awesome. but sounds like you guys are doing good and if you want to try and eliminate the tension maybe you could try reading the talk by Prezidente Monson he gave last conference about going about doing good and serving others. because " what do we live for if not to make life less difficult for others?" but ya things are great, im not frozen yet, its been just a little chilly here but not bad. i keep warm but the only problem is with the bikes we sweat and then the houses we go into dont have heat so we freze in there and then go back out and ride around to get warm again. a lot of the houses dont have heat, just a little electric heater on the first floor and its funny when we teach sometimes you can see your breath because its colder inside than outside.

this saturday we get to listen to Elder Nelson and also Saturday Night and Sunday because hes coming to our stake conference. so saturday morning we'll drive to broomall PA, listen to him talk to us missionaries, then drive back to reading. at 7 then we have a meeting to go to with him for the adults in the stake and then sunday morning. so its gonna be awesome. well keep up the good work and have a good week. love yall


Otro ves
a few questions i have. blake are you playing AAU or what league for basketball are you in? brooks dont worry about tryouts and dont eat wheat chex before either, i did that and threw it all up my freshman or sophmore year while running sprints in tryouts. but just smile and be a team player, also hustle everywhere (that means sprint and dont worry about scoring, play defense and be rough and they'll like you). also dad you should try reading the Teachings of Brigham Young, its pretty good. especially the part about Fasting and the Sabbath Day. also thanks a bunch for the socks i really like em and theyre warm. theyre working great. also i dont need any food or clothes or anything for thanksgiving so thanks for the idea but no its all good. but mom i do have a story fory ou that youd be proud of. last thursday i bought two bags of potatoes for 5 bucks. then on sunday i pealed em cut em and boiled em. smashed em up with milk and butter and had my self some mashed potatoes and gravy( i made some gravy too) for dinner. it was really good and a great change from pasta and rice and beans. but ya thats my little success story for you guys.

thanks hasta luego

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