Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Plans


familia i just wrote you an email and i accidentally erased it and tryed to get it back but its gone. but hey thanks for the socks. im glad you only bought me 5-6 pairs instead of 12 cuz id get mad if you did. but sounds like you guys are still livin and doin well.

for halloween we might go to a trunk or treat that the branch is going to have because we'll have investigators there but im not sure yet. we do have to be in early though that day. thanks for the pictures. you guys looked good. dad you look like youve dropped some tacos in the last few months, looked skinnier. and mom you too. but ya you guys looked good. brooks you look like a stud but the only thing i would say is work on your upper body strenght and do squats so you can get quicker and do better in basketball. sarah nice dress. and blake you look good man keep doing what youre doin.

but this past week was great. we had a baptism this past sunday and it was a really great time. he's a great guy and is really going to be the next branch pres. but also we had the end of the transfer and changes. me and elder bateman are still together but on the other side of reading we got elder munson still and his new companion elder allred. so things are looking good so far this week and we have taught a lot of lessons already.

we have been walking a lot though because it has been raining the past two days and everything is soaked. the leaves are pretty cool and i tried to take a few pictures for ya mom. but ya things are going good. the only downer this week was we learned that probably we wont have a car at all this winter because the goal was for us to get one by december but since some other missionaries totalled a car the other week, we are one less on cars so the chances arent in our favor. but its cool, the members and some investigators have been offering us their cars to drive so we've been driving those. haha not really but they've been offering.

so thats all i got for you guys. keep it up and have a good week. love you guys


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