Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two emails in one day!

hey guys i still got some time left. i got a story about one guy we are teaching. we found him and he was really nice, hes from DR and has a family of a wife and two daughters. we taught him the first lesson and then had plans to come back in two days. we came back after two days and had a lesson with him. but earlier that day he had fallen off the roof of his house. he was all bandaged up and had pillows behind his back and could hardly move. haha it was quite the site, but he still wanted to talk to us, so we watched the restoration video and taught about the book of mormon. he told us that he knew that God had spared him from the fall because he was suppose to listen to us. he didnt break any bones, just a really tight back and some scrapes and bruises. but anyways he's prayed and knows that this is the true church and is progressing really well. he wanted to come to church last sunday but couldnt because he couldnt move very well. but all our lessons with him have been with members so he already has friends and is really excited for this sunday. his wife and daughters are starting to listen too, at first they just said no we're catholica and then would leave, but now they are listening and his wife is really interested.

oh also we taught a lesson yesterday to this lady while tracting and haha her house was like 40 degrees, elder bateman and i were just hunched over with our arms crossed trying to keep warm, it was so cold. when we left it was warmer outside than inside her house, and it was cold yesterday.

but ya things are crazy here in reading. also we were told the other night at a members house, theyre recent converts that the first time they saw us they thought we were papichulos, or pimps. but i got to go love you guys. keep up the good work.

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