Thursday, October 1, 2009

Soaked in Rainstorm

como estan familia nielson?

como fue esta semana pasada? thats awesome you guys are doing good.

for us to write you guys we have to travel about a mile and a half on bike to the wyomissing library so it aint bad. and plus they gave me a library pass today so all is well.

but since this week is conference we are just going to all the sessions saturday and sunday at the church and then inbetween the sessions we are going to be fed by the ward because they are going to have food and activities in-between the two. but the only problem is that the sessions are two hours later than for you guys so we're going to be up late saturday night for priesthood at 8-10. but ya its going to be a good weekend and its exciting telling people about conference and how they can listen to a living prophet so we've been trying to get a lot of investigators to go this week.

but this past week was good. we had a great sunday and on saturday we had a big rainstorm that we had to ride our bikes through so that was fun. we got pretty soaked and my pants were the only things that were all that wet. but my feet are fine. the shoes are really good and keep em warm so dont worry. we have a huge outlet factory by us so we're going to go buy some socks and other winter stuff before it gets too cold. because today is a little chilly outside.

but we had our first flat tire experience yesterday. my companions bike tire got a gash in it right by the mercedes benz dealership. we took off the tire and put in the extra tube we had and then took the tire over to the shop in the dealership. one of the mechanics filled it up for us and while he was filling it up this lady who was just one of those snobby rich, heart set on the things of the world, type people, kept making fun of us and telling us how if our bikes werent mercedes benz then we couldnt get it filled. i wanted to punch her in the face but thats not missionary like is it. but after we put the tire back on and were on our way.

we also had some really cool spiritual experiences in lessons and those were cool. but all is well and the spanish is growing more and more. we are doing good and have been having a good time. we were really excited the other day when we taught this one guy who was a former investigator and had been taught basically everything but just wasnt baptized. we talked with him and had a return appt. to see him and his wife who is a member. we then find out a couple days later from my old trainer elder merrill, that he was interviewed to be baptized but president murray wouldnt let him be baptized because he had killed a guy in puerto rico. haha so that was a bummer.

but ya keep up the good work and congrats on playing varsity sarah. brooks youre a stud man keep runnin and try not to throw up too much, and blake be the peacemaker like Christ was(same for you brooks) and dont let contention start. you and brooks should read 3 nephi 11 together. but blake keep being the delta flash and tearing it up in football. next week tell me what youre guys bests are so far this season? Goals? Minutes? and Touchdowns or tackles? also remember to read the book of mormon.

love you guys and enjoy conference this weekend. thanks for everything and please dont send money, im fine, i can get a flu shot for free.

hasta luego. norman

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