Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little homesick after Conference-not gonna lie

hey, como estan?

sounds like you guys are doing good keeping busy. i dont get your letters until fridays usually and no it hasnt rained in a while, just really windy and hard bike riding weather, but a lot of pretty leaves and trees.

how awesome was conference? it was so cool man, i dont know why we dont ever watch more of saturday conference because it is awesome. all the sessions were great and the speakers and talks were great too, i felt like every talk was directed right to me. how sweet is that that brigham city is getting a temple? im stoked about that temple though, also the talk about the manti temple by Elder Perry was pretty good too. but really you all need to read those talks, i am, and take a big bite of it.

but ya this week was really good. we have found some awesome families and had some fun experiences. dont tell anyone but we saw a guy get tazered the other day cuz he wouldnt get out of a taxi cab. that was pretty funny. but you guys dont need to tell people about that. you can tell em about amulek and his talking with Zeezrom or something like that. but we had a great week and i was a little down and home sick after conference im not gonna lie. after them talking about brigham city, manti, and sevier county, and return missionaries, i was pretty unfocused on missionary work and had a hard time refocusing. but its all good now and thank you so much for the box and cookies, they were delicious, but you dont need to send anymore stuff im fine.

also brooks i have a trek 7100 bike and it had a light on the front, and a bell. and sorry for making it seem like my companion was a newbie and i was a trainer and if it seemed like i was trying to make myself look good. i probably was a little bit but sorry i was excited. but no im not training, we're learning together and have been out the exact same time, ive just been in reading longer than he has and know the area and members better.

but sarah i hope you dont have a boyfriend and that if you do you two can read conference talks together for a date, and run fast in soccer. brooks, i think i could probably beat you in a bike race right now, im up by lance armstrong level of strength in my legs so id be scared if i were you, but bro keep runnin hard youre a stud and dont let anyone who looks like a dork out run you. blake, i hear this weekend is your first playoff game and so all i have to say is be cool and dont focus on the hype of the game, dont get nervous just be relaxed and think about how good youre going to do and smile, youre a stud man you can do it. but thanks for everything and i love you guys and keep up the good work.


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