Friday, October 23, 2009

Staying Put For Another Transfer

hey hijos mios,

como les va? well this next week is transfer week and ill be staying here. the trees are starting to turn colors and its really pretty up on the hill sides. i got a new bike and its a trek 3700 mountain bike so its pretty good. also im not going to buy boots, theyre not worth it and the majority of missionaries dont have em. my shoes are warm anyways. the only thing i would like for you to buy are some good socks like the REI ones or warm hiking socks that are colored so i can wear them. i couldnt find any socks that would be good at the outlet place when we went.

But let me tell you about that store, they had so much stuff for cheap it was unbelievable. if you guys need(or Johnsons) any jerseys or phillies or eagles or penn state or Red Sox jerseys of anykind that are really nice and cheap instead of paying 120 they're 20-40 bucks and t shirts are really cheap too. so just a heads up for christmas.

but ya this past week was really good. it was crazy cuz we had a winter storm last thursday and it was freezing, then today its like 70 degrees outside and we're sweating. but we had a lot of success and were able to help out a lot this week. we found some really cool people and yes we're still teaching the guy who fell off the roof, he has a baptismal date.

but we had our first experience with an anti-mormon guy this week. he was a nut and was too smart for his own good. he told us we were from the fake mormon church and all this other stuff that he understood from the bible. then he asked us if we'd ever met a demon before, and we said no but i asked him if he was one, to bad he said no but he was really attacking after that. we talked for a little bit and then finally we bore our testimonies to him and left. it was a cool experience though cuz we both grew a little bit stronger from that experience and we got a taste of how weird some other churches are.

also yesterday we had interviews with President and his wife. they went really good and it was a good talk i had with President. we have some exciting stuff coming up in the future and some of our investigators are going to get married so itll be fun. but ya all is well and we are doing pretty darn good out here in PA.

the people are pretty excited about the phillies and also a lot of people are excited about the yankees too. a couple of our members have to really sacrifice to come out with us on nights when the yankees are playing. but sounds like you guys are doing good too, keep it up and remember reir-which is spanish for laugh. take care love you guys, thanks mom for the package and the candy, my companion liked the silly string and stress head.


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