Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cultural Night

hey que tal?

thats cool you guys are doin good with sports. what position did sarah play in the game?

but this past week was pretty tough im not gonna lie. we got reinforcements from our feet and got bikes. so we've been biking everywhere and are getting good exercise everyday climbing hills and everything. id say we go about 10 miles average a day, but i could be exaggerating a bit im not sure. but the funny thing with the bikes is we have sweet helmets like your guys' and lights on the bikes too. so at night when we're cruising around and theres people outside, they sometimes yell POlice. and when we approach people theyre all oh man i thought you guys were the police, and theyre all nervous too. but thats been fun riding around, my butt muscles were sore the first two days but its all good.

we had zone conference on tuesday and it was sweet. Elder Robbins from the 70 came with his wife and talked to us. they were really smart and helped us out alot. it was really cool to meet him and shake an apostles hand.

but thanks for the package, i got the cookies and the FHE ideas that was awesome. because of the humidity over here the cookies stayed soft a lot longer than over there so that was cool.

but this past week was great and we were able to grow a lot. the spanish is great and we have no trouble communicating or understanding the language because what i dont pick up, bateman will pick up and what he doesnt get ill get so its pretty cool. we teach good together and found some cool investigators.

but the coolest thing that happened this past week was on friday the branch had a Culture Night at the church. and we brought all the investigators we could to it, it was a hassel riding around to each of their houses but we got it done. but at the church there were tables for each latino country that members were from. they made a bunch of their native food and so we just went around and ate and tried a bunch of crazy stuff. we just stuffed ourselves, talked with everyone, watched some of the members do native dances and stuff and left. it was a great time.

but thanks for everything and you dont need to send a package if you dont want to. just send a copy of my Patriachal Blessing and Raymons email address. also my address is 1100 Wyomissing Road 18B 19611 West Reading. but thanks for everything and i love you guys. take care.


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