Thursday, September 10, 2009


sounds like you guys are doin pretty good and school schedule is startin to set in. we had a great past week and things have been goin great. weve taught a lot of lessons and had some cool experiences with people on the streets.

our trainer left us alone the other day cuz he went on transfers with the other elders in our district so elder munson and i were solo for a day. we did really good and were able to teach a couple lessons but we had an experience with a guy who talked in the new york style accent and was pretty rough that we met on the street walkin back to our car. he was really cool and we started talkin to him and he kept askin us to preach to him and so we sat down and started talking about Christ. it was cool sitten on his porch with the sunset, sirens in the distance and crazy people walkin by. but we had a great conversation and talked about the restoration and gave him some pamphlets and stuff and he really liked talkin to us. he had kind of a change of heart cuz at first he was sayin the f bomb every other word and then after we talked he was totally different and you could tell he felt the spirit and could tell something was different about us. but then we said a closing prayer and he started crying, we talked a little more and then left. it was really cool and my first experience with people who have grown up with a hard life and you can see how much they need the gospel in their lives.

but ya that was cool, and also i gave my first blessing on sunday to a 10 year old girl so that was neat. i was nervous cuz i almost had to give a blessing to a guy in spanish but they chose my other companion. that guy did have an ankle brace on for probation or something so i guess that wouldve been pretty cool if i'd have done it.

thanks for everything and keep doing good. ill be moving addresses this next week but i dont know where yet so ill let you know whats goin on after we find out on monday. we are getting 6 new spanish missionaries in the mission so my trainer is going to get either one or two new ones. so either ill be moved on the other side of reading with elder munson and our trainer will have two newbies or ill be on the other side of reading with a newbie and elder munson and a newbie will be with our trainer. so im looking forward to this next week and how its all gonna be layed out.

but peace potato land and whats good in the hood.

elder Normandy

i got some extra time cuz im waiting for my companion to finish writing but we had a lesson this last week where right after we said the opening prayer and were beginnng to talk about whatever, a fleet of fire trucks came flying in and parked right outside the house where we were, and we were in the front room and the door was open. so it was crazy but we kept talkin and had the devil was working against us but the firetrucks left and everything was somewhat quiet again and the lesson continued and they are now some good investigators. so hope you guys have a good week and stay out of trouble and do your best in sports.


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