Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3rd~ Three Months In

hey family, this past week was awesome, we had a ton of success and are looking to close this transfer on a high.

but to answer your questions the best food ive ate so far is the mexican tacos at this members house that was the bomb. we go to bed at 1030 and wake up at 630 everyday, right after we wake up we exercise for thirty minutes and then get ready for studys at 8.

mom you need to stop giving me gossip blogs about people in boise cuz i really could care less, actually only if there is some chick that told you she wants to write me.(Bad missionary mom of the month. Sorry for trying. :D( -W) im cool with that kind of stuff. but i was wondering if you guys could find a cool quote from an apostle, coach or someone that is uplifting so i can have a quote for each transfer.

we had a ton of rain this past week and it was crazy, like a downpour of water that made there be little rivers on the side of the road. it was like the city was being baptized. also i gave a talk on sunday, in spanish, it was cool and everyone said i did a good job.

funny story is we helped this family carry a whole crate of cement bags into their basement and i asked if we could share a message with them. they said yes and so i ran out saying, ok necisito sacar mi cuchillo primero, espero me. and when i said that they got all scared and worried cuz cuchillo is actually knife and i ment to say muchilo which is backpack. so that was funny, also we had to bless a house a few days ago that was possesed and that was a crazy experience.

but things are goin good and we're working a lot and having success so all is well in reading, pa. thanks for everything. love you guys and have a good week.


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