Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aug 27th Pit Bulls and Cockroaches

We asked Chase some questions about how much he exercises and is active. We got worried about him just driving around all day and all that sitting can contribute to stress and we wanted to make sure he was taking responsibililty for his mental and physical health.

Que tal familia mia? Well to answer your questions, yes we work out everyday at 6:30 when we get up to 7. There is a little gym in the basement of our building so we go there a lot. Also we go to a park two blocks down a lot and run. Also we've gotten up at 5:30 a few times to go play tennis or basketball at these really nice outdoor courts with some members we convince to come with us. But don't worry about me stressing, I'm doin fine.

But that's awesome you guys went camping and to the fair and stuff. Sounds like you're all doin great. This past week was great. We were able to do a lot and we had our first baptism on sunday. (forget this, I am not editting this anymore ~W) i had nothing to do with preparing him cuz he was already prepared before we got here, but it was cool to share the experience with him. i felt bad for him though cuz he had to be dunked three times because his hand wouldnt go under.

but other than that we've been teaching a lot and having a lot of new investigators. there are a lot of people here that are ready to receive the gospel . also we had zone conference last friday and that was really cool. it was an awesome experience and i got to meet a lot of other elders.

so reading is quite the town, white people are the minority and when you see a white person they usually look like theyre on drugs or dont have any teeth. but there are pitbulls everywhere, random people jaywalking everywhere, people practicing in parking lots for quincieneras, you can rent your block and the parks and rec will block it off and people have big parties that way, also cockroaches, crazy bugs, and a lot of different stuff. so its a different world but its awesome. i need some ideas about family home evenings though, some games and activities we could play.

but ya everything is goin good and im glad you guys are so active all the time in goin camping and doin sports. sarah, kick some butt in soccer cuz i know how you feel not makin varsity your junior year, i didnt play varsity football much my junior year but hey loook how my senior year went, so just work hard and have fun and get to know the coaches well. brooks, thats awesome that youre running, i hope you can do well at that and have success, just remember, you still need to lift weights while your in XC cuz if not youre gonna be a skinny twig come basketball season, also you wont be able to beat me up after my mission. blake, keep doing good in football man, try to run over everyone that tries to tackle you or juke em out of their socks, and dont worry, have a good time. well thanks for everything you guys have a good week.

love you guys.

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